By Natural Advocate | July 10, 2009 - 10:25 am - Posted in Foods

There is more news that the organic food label that has won the coveted USDA approval over the last few years, and is supposed to be a sign to the consumer that the USDA has signed off it’s approval on a product that claims to be organic in nature, may not be all that it’s cracked up or understood to be by the health conscious consumer who is willing to pay extra for the benefit of getting foods that are grown in a certain way.  Organic foods are supposed to be grown or made without the addition of anything synthetic, such as chemicals, fillers, antibiotics, fertilizers that aren’t natural, and basically anything else that has made our mass produced food today significantly less healthy.

The problem is, consumer pay dearly for items that are marked organic. It’s like a license to hike the price of foods up to nearly fifty to one hundred percent, and many times, critics say that the consumer is being duped, and that in fact, the USDA has approved several artificial ingredients to be added to foods that they give the organic label, without necessarily disclosing it to the consumer who is buying it.  I thought it was funny when I read the label on an “organic” bottle of shampoo that I was going to buy and saw several long chemical names that I was not familiar with.  Is this an example of a product that scraped by the USDA’s idea of what is organic, I thought?  Maybe so.

When it comes to produce, you should be ok if you’re buying locally, but if you’re living in a climate like mine here in Ohio, beware of the produce sold in the winter, it may contain stuff that you’re not banking on.  And how do we know how often the USDA is checking in on these food producers are keeping up on their standards periodically? What if they get the coveted green and white USDA organic label, and then they begin to use whatever the heck they want in their foods, drinks, and other consumer goods, at a point later after the original approval. There really are no controls in place, I suppose you just have to have faith that the companies are doing right by their customers.

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