August 2009
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A Great Alkaline Meal Idea

I’ve talked a little bit before about how I was really getting into the idea of eating an alkaline diet and the alkaline ionized water and how these can improve your quality of life.  Well, I’ve started to try to incorporate more alkaline rather than acid foods into my diet to see if it [...]

Military Considers Ban on Smoking

Experts at the Pentagon are pressing the Defense Secretary to institute a ban on smoking on military bases and a ban on selling tobacco products on military bases.  In effect, they also want to be able to put requirements on new enlisters that they be nonsmokers, and basically force the rest of the already [...]

Sleep Requirements Genetically Programmed?

It seems that, per a new study, scientists have found a genetic link to people’s requirements for sleep hours per night.  More specifically, they isolated a gene, actually two gene mutations, that are responsible for people who only require 6 hours of sleep or less a night without any negative repercussions or performance issues [...]

What Are the Benefits of Chlorophyll?

Before we get into what the benefits of chlorophyll are to the human body, let’s talk about what it is.  Chlorophyll actually is the organism that gives green leafy veggies and plants their green color. So, if you were to take a chlorophyll supplement in liquid or encapsulated form, it should be a dark, [...]

Vitamin B12 Deficiencies in Vegans

Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin, as you may have already heard, to help us sustain and create high energy levels, brain function and overall effectiveness and productivity.  You can get vitamin B12 shots, but those only last so long, so obviously the best way to get your daily dose of B12 is [...]