October 2009
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Where Do Your Herbal Supplements Come From?

I wasn’t really shocked to read that a lot of the common herbal supplement labels you see, like Puritan’s Pride, Sundown and a few other very common names in herbal and natural supplements, are made under one roof by a parent company.  In the tradition of large pharmaceutical companies and other big parent companies [...]

Herbal Supplements for Blood Sugar Stability on Trial

There are three Chinese herbs that are specifically being studied against strictly lifestyle changes, and lifestyle changes, paired with the use of mixtures of these three herbs, which have been known to help stabilize the blood sugar, or at least thought to, in Chinese medicine practice.  The herbs are called Jiangtang Bushen, Xiaoke huaya [...]

Dental Care and Your Heart : Natural Toothpaste?

This post is going to be a about a few things actually.  First, I want to talk a little about the curious relationship between your dental health and your heart health.  If you haven’t happened to hear or read about this curious correlation, then you should know that keeping your mouth healthy and free [...]

Chlorphyll Supplement Review

I bought several bottles of a product called Chlorofresh a few months ago, and I liked it so much that I just purchased another few.  I didn’t really buy it for the reason it is marketed and made for, which is to help reduce body odors and freshen breath, but instead I more so [...]

Skin Cancer May Depend Greatly on Genes

While it is true that the likelihood of getting skin cancer, and we’re talking the most deadly kind, melanoma here, was mostly quantified by correlating it with people who were fair skinned and were exposed to too many UV rays in their lifetimes, there are also now strong indicators that melanoma is definitely much [...]