By Natural Advocate | October 2, 2009 - 12:25 pm - Posted in Medical News

The company that has turned a previous eyedrop into an eyelash growth product that has super marketed itself thus far, catching the attention of women everywhere with puny lashes that want to really pump up their eyelashes and make them thicker, longer and stronger, and oh by the way darker too, Allergan, has been warned by the FDA.  The reason that they received a warning, and hence consumers received the warning as well, is because the company purportedly does not mention the risks associated with the use of the eyelash growth product Latisse in an obvious enough way, but yet prints it’s bold claims for successful eyelash growth generation in that most loud, effective way possible.

The FDA would like for the company to also make sure that customers know about the potential risks associated with the product since they can be somewhat substantial, and says that the company website does not make these risks as easily accessible as it’s claims to effectiveness.  The drug, which was initially created for the treatment of glaucoma, was discovered to also have another side effect when it was being used by clients, and that was that their eyelashes grew many times substantially as well.

This resulted in the company spotting an opportunity for cosmetic marketing, and from their the rest is history, and lots of women have picked up on the product. Heck, I know that I’ve heard people asking about it and talking about it, and that was when it first came out. It’s also spawned a lot of knockoff eyelash growth serums and gels that are in mascara types of tubes that are applied directly to the lashes.

I think the FDA really wants people to know that the risks are fairly serious although they don’t happen very often, especially since this product is being used as a cosmetic improvement product, they figure that some customers may not want to risk these side effects, even if their occurrence is minimal, if it’s not a medically necessary treatment.  Some of those side effects include weird hair growth and excessive hair growth in areas not intended, blurred vision, bacterial infection in the eye, and one of the worst, which is a discoloration of the iris and eyelid pigmentation.

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