By Natural Advocate | October 20, 2009 - 11:52 am - Posted in Natural and Herbal Treatments

There have been a cluster of studies lately on longevity, centering around a common theme that has been bantered around the scientific community for years, and that is the notion that strict calorie restriction may actually switch on something casually referred to as a “longevity gene” in the human and mice species.  As we know, mice are very similar to humans physiologically in many ways that make them good test subjects for research fodder into cures for human conditions.  One of those “cures” is to try to figure out how to make people live longer, although I sometimes think that natural selection and the evolutionary process themselves should take care of that to keep the natural order of the world going.

In the studies, scientists are trying to mimic the effects of a low calorie diet without actually restricting the calories as much as would be necessary to switch the longevity gene on, so they are trying to figure out ways to actually supplement or medicate to achieve that goal. One of the things that’s been talked about a lot as a possible supplementation technique to get that done is this resveratrol “holy grail” of anti aging. Right now scientists are working on how to get enough of that substance in one supplement to actually make a significant difference.

You understand that if they do find something that really works, it could be the biggest breakthrough of our lifetimes, and would most likely change the face of aging and healthcare, so you can imagine why the company is very excited about their research. There are supplements out there for resveratrol, but apparently they would not be as potent or as effective as this one that is being worked on.

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