December 2009
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Magnesium Citrate for Heart Arrhythmia?

I became a little bit concerned when I started to experience something at first that I thought might be panic attacks, but then I realized I might actually have somewhat of an arrhythmia of the heart. I’m going to go see a doctor to confirm it is nothing serious, but decided I would also [...]

Vitamins for Strong, Healthy Hair

I recently got into a long research stint online about which vitamins for healthy hair growth I could take to make my hair more lustrous, stronger, and generally healthier and more resilient against breakage. This is because I’ve been noticing that my hair is just not as strong as it usually is, and I’ve [...]

Whole Foods Amping Up on Health

The recession has allowed a lot of businesses to step back and rethink both their mission and their business plan, due to changing spending habits and ideals that tend to come with economic downturns, and Whole Foods, the mega health food store that seems to still be popping up everywhere (I was just hoping [...]

Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Hello everyone. It’s Christmas Eve, and no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s a special time of year here in the US and elsewhere, because the holiday season in its entirety is meant to be a season of togetherness, forgiveness, family, friends, fun and thinking about what we are thankful for. What [...]

Erasing Bad Memories on the Horizon?

Every time I hear stories about science manipulating the mind or anything having to do with our inherent personalities or memories, it gives me chills. Not just because it’s obviously messing with mother nature in a way that probably was never intended, but because it reminds me too much of these science fiction movies [...]