January 2010
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Bad Side Effects of Vitamin B12 Excess

Vitamin B12 gets a lot of press because of it’s ability to give people so much extra energy. Some people even think that Vitamin B12 helps them to lose weight, but there is really no connection proven, besides the fact that they may just get up and move around more because they have a [...]

Which Vitamins are Light Sensitive?

When we take our vitamins, and minerals, and any other nutritional supplement for that matter, you want to always make sure that what you are taking is high quality, and at it’s strongest potency possible, or else you’re just wasting your time popping these pills.

If you are taking a vitamin that has lost [...]

Does Quitting Smoking Increase Your Risk of Diabetes?

We all know that quitting smoking is good for your health. In fact, it’s way better for you if you had never started smoking in the first place. But touche, we all know that one too. It’s not like we started smoking because we thought it was healthy. The reason I started smoking when [...]

Review : Emergen-C Vitamin Drink

After my most recent bout with a pretty severe cold that lasted for DAYS and DAYS after we returned from our Las Vegas vacation, where incidentally my husband and I were married, I decided that I would take some precautionary measures that I didn’t usually take in order to not get sick – at [...]

Are Married People Less Depressed?

I remember reading about the connection between happiness and contentedness and marriage a long time ago, except this particular study really focused on men, and how marriage helps to change them for the better, and actually makes them live healthier and more fulfilling lives. It didn’t really focus on women, however, more and more [...]