By Natural Advocate | January 15, 2010 - 7:12 am - Posted in Foods

We all know that organic produce tastes better, and is always the better choice when it comes to picking out the fruits and veggies we eat from our grocers or local market. But, there are some foods that are even more vitally important to buy organic, because of their increased ability to absorb pesticides and chemicals, and house them more efficiently so that they may be delivered to your body easily. And that, my friend, is precisely what you are trying to avoid when you purchase organic fruits and vegetables!

One of the fruits that is much better for you when it is bought organic, is the delicious, convenient apple. Apples are a great snack food to carry around because they are so portable, and as long as you don’t drop them, they don’t blemish, and they don’t go bad quickly if they are kept in somewhat of a frigid or temperature controlled environment, making them the perfect healthy snack on the go if you are looking for a healthy snack.

They are very high in fiber, and they contain something called pectin, which is a fiber that delivers multiple benefits to the body, besides just “keeping you regular”. In fact, there are studies that this sort of fiber helps to keep you thin, which makes apples the perfect choice for dieters.

Besides the fact that organic apples taste a hundred times better than their mealy, and often flavorless, counterparts which are drenched in pesticides, they are much better for the body because the skin of apples is especially absorbent when it comes to pesticides. Not only that, non organic apples are coated in a sort of food grade wax preservative, that’s why they look so polished at the store.

When you buy an apple that has been organically grown, not only do you often find that they are larger and taste much better, but you are not ingesting the abundance of chemicals that you are when you are buying the non organic variety. Trust me, the taste alone of an organic apple, especially my favorite organic variety, the Fuji apple, you will never want to go back to non organic ones again, the flavor, texture, juiciness and crunch will keep you coming back for more – organic, that is!

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