By Natural Advocate | February 26, 2010 - 10:12 pm - Posted in General Health Updates

I have had asthma since I was about eight years old.  I remember very clearly my first asthma attack, because it was such an unexpected experience for me, and I had no idea what was happening to my body.  I think that the panic I felt at not being able to fully breathe correctly only added to the severity of the attack.

I also remember being on and off some medications and inhalers for my asthma, which I regret now because I know the harm that these inhalers can do to your lungs, and also to your heart if you use them often since most of them speed up your heart rate in one way or another.  I really wish I had known about some of the great herbal asthma remedies we have available to us today.

One thing that always used to really get my asthma going was when I did anything outdoors in the winter time that took physical exertion. We all had cross country skis when I was younger, because we lived out in the country and we had a campground right next to us that was deserted in the winter, and grape vines and an apple orchard, it was the perfect place to cross country ski.

Some people actually only get asthma when they exercise, and I’m not sure if that’s termed a different type of ashthma or if they’re all the same, but for me, I could be standing still and get an asthma attack.  I have outgrown it quite a bit now, and only have an occasional mild attack. It’s usually stress related for me, so I’m convinced there is a huge phsychological aspect to this condition.

One thing about winter sports that really aggravates asthma is that the air is cold, and this makes it even harder for your lungs to process the air that is coming into them. Because of this, your bronchial passages constrict even more, and your body sort of seizes up more, making your back more rigid, which is common with asthma attack, you actually will get a sore back many times after a long asthma attack because of all the straining you have to do to breathe right.

You can help to minimize winter sports induced asthma by putting a scarf around your face to warm the air that you are breathing, this at least makes the air a little easier to breathe.  Not only does COLD air aggravate asthma, but because winter air is always minimally humid (moist) and is very dry, this also makes it harder for your lungs to process the oxygen coming in, so wearing something over your face may help this way as well, making the air more moist from the condensation of your breath.

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