March 2010
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Lemon Balms Calming Properties

There are quite few plants, or herbs, that qualify as very effective remedies against angst, anxiety and even depression in daily doses that are potent enough to help alter a person’s chemistry enough to be noticeable. Contrary to popular thought, herbal remedies for anxiety and depression can be quite effective, especially when taken as [...]

Omega 3’s Reducing Bowel Polyps

We know that omega 3 fatty acids have proven multiple times over to be an excellent additional supplement to the diet.  Not just a supplement for omega 3’s though, you also should really try to get these in your diet through the foods you eat as well, since foods are typically broken down better [...]

Uneven Blood Pressure May be Stroke Risk Too

New evidence suggests that not only does “always high” or out of the acceptable range blood pressure contribute to the risk of stroke, but variations of blood pressure do as well. In other words, you could check out fine on your checkups every year at the doctors office,  but if you are one of [...]

Women on the Pill Live Longer?

In a study that started way back in 1968, and therefore gave us over 40 years of good data on the subject, researchers have concluded that being on the contraceptive birth control pill actually appears to have some sort of protective benefit against dying younger in women.  The women that were on the pill [...]

Does Melatonin Have Side Effects?

My husband and I have been taking the dietary natural sleep aid supplement melatonin now for years. We don’t take it every single night, but about four nights per week when we know we have to get up early and go to work. We usually take 3 mg. of the supplement, but we have [...]