April 2010
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Breads, White Flour Products and Sugars a Heart Risk for Women

Let me tell you something you already know. White bread, as opposed to whole wheat and whole grain breads with all their fiber goodness, is not good for you. But do you actually know why refined carbohydrates like white bread, pizza crusts, pastas, and pretzels and the like, are not good for you? Well, [...]

Eat Your Nuts, Fish and Leafy Greens to Avoid Alzheimers

It’s no secret nowadays that utilizing and maniupulating your dietary food intake can immensely benefit your health, and even “cure” you of certain disorders of ailments, or at least reduce their symptoms and severity greatly. You diet is actually one of the best lifestyle factors that you have direct control over, which can benefit [...]

Cinnamon’s Potential Health and Diet Benefits

We discussed a while ago that a study was published which pointed to cinnamon as a potential natural remedy for helping to regulate blood sugar, and as a potential natural supplement for diabetics who wanted to regulate their blood sugar more naturally or as an added benefit to any medication they were taking.


Vitamin D’s Anti Cancer Link

There is more and more proof through growing bodies of study, that vitamin D is not only highly protective against bone density degeneration and bone diseases such as osteoporosis, but that vitamin D may be key in helping to deflect and protect against all types of different cancers. This seems like a very bold [...]

What Do You Think About the Healthcare Passing?

This healthcare business is really a hotly contested issue lately. Some people literally think it will bring about the fall of the US economy and our first step toward socialized medicine and government. I tend to agree, although I have to see it in action before I rush to judgment.  The sounds of it [...]