May 2010
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How Will The Oil Spill Affect Marine Life, Plants?

The news about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill just seems to be getting worse and worse.  Even though BP supposedly stemmed off the oil spill a few days ago by putting a mile long tube down the hole that it is coming out of (who knows, that may have proven unsuccessful even as [...]

Walgreens Plans to Sell a DNA Test Shelved

Walgreens, one of the fastest growing, and my personally favorite drugstore chain, has decided to put plans on hold for selling a new DNA saliva swab kit that they were planning to sell in their stores, probably bringing them to the forefront as the only drugstore chain to sell such a unique product. Why [...]

Biotin and Your Hair Health

I started taking Biotin tablets about one month ago, because I wanted something that would help my hair be thicker and shinier, and I read that out of the hair loss and hair regrowth vitamins, Biotin, which is a form of B vitamin, was one of the most important to add to your diet. [...]

Do Tomato’s Lycopene Prevent Sunburn?

This is an interesting one. I did not know that my love for tomatoes (pretty much since the day I was born) would probably help me to prevent getting sunburn, or at least cut down on the odds of my skin burning.

Well, apparently the beneficial antioxidant found in tomatoes in abundance, lycopene, [...]

Anti Aging Pill Available in Next Few Years?

Apparently pharmaceutical companies have been hard at work on a new pill that they think may help you live into your 100’s without suffering debilitating disease. Instead, they think that this type of pill may actually help you prevent any major illness like heart disease and cancer, and not live out the last few [...]