By Natural Advocate | May 17, 2010 - 2:15 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

Underscored by a warning recently to President Obama by a cancer advisory panel, there have been increasing concerns over the large amount of chemicals, radiation and pollution toxins that people come into contact with every day. The concern is that we are being bombarded by these toxins daily and it may be contributing to cell mutations which cause various types of cancers.

If you look at the labels on your foods, and even your drinks, you will discover that there are a ton of chemical names listed that you don’t even know what they are or if they are good or bad for you. So how are you supposed to know if what you are putting into your body is nutritionally sound or not? Many people don’t, and they end up consuming a lot of chemical laced products that contribute to health issues. On top of that, they also inhale toxins in their air, especially if they live in industrialized areas, and you are also faced with other toxins that you may not even think about.

Microwaves, something that is found in just about every American home these days, also fall under suspicion of altering food and creating cancer causing chemicals. There are cell phones, which emit radio waves that may interfere with your brain’s natural waves. Some believe that using cell phones may contribute to various types of cancers, including brain cancer, and it is recommended that you try to use a headset or a blue tooth instead of holding the phone up to your ear all the time, to avoid the waves from coming into close contact with your head.

Pollution is another concern. We have greenhouse gases that are being emitted by exhaust fumes from cars, then there is an increasing concern that industrializing cow farming has cause some greenhouse gases to form as well – believe it or not, cow dung and cow farts emit a lot of methane gas!

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