June 2010
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Does Lycopene Protect Skin from the Sun?

There are some interesting findings lately in the realm of skin health and exposure to UV rays from the sun, specifically as they relate to what we put in our mouths on a daily basis.  Most interesting was that lycopene, which is a nutrient that is found in brightly pigmented (usually orange and red) [...]

Medical Scans and Diagnostics Exposing Us to Too Much Radiation?

When it comes to ra

diation, what I always think of is Madame Curie. I think of how we learned in elementary school that she discovered radium, which then became the basis for so many power plants and other radiation technology that we have today that has advanced our society in so many diverse [...]

Folic Acid Deficient in Depressed People?

We know that depression is pretty widespread here in the US, that’s no secret. What is more concerning is that many of the medications that patients are given fail, and patients are forced to try several before they find one that helps their depression. Even worse is the fact that many patients end up [...]

Shorties May Have Higher Heart Risks

Yeah, I said shorties!  And by the way, I’m a self proclaimed shorty (aka short person) myself, checking in at five foot four.  Apparently now, in addition to not being able to see over tall people in a crowd, or being consistently put in the front of group photos because of my shorty status, [...]

BPA’s in Canned Food Getting Closer Look by FDA

Finally.  The FDA is actually looking into something that really matters, and that the natural foodies and health nuts have been concerned about for a very long time. I’m talking about BPA’s, which are the plastic lining chemicals that are found in nearly every canned good, including sodas, canned tomatoes (one of the worst [...]