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I’ve actually often thought about what I’m about to speak of, because I’ve seen it in action too many times to deny it’s power.  I’m talking about the power of our emotions and our outwardly presence as it applies to other’s happiness and mood. It may be a temporary thing, but just someone smiling at you in passing can make all the difference in your day.

A perfect example of what I’m talking about is your typical work day, no matter what your job is. Can you deny that a day that starts off badly  usually also keeps going badly, and that it almost seems to be a self perpetuating and self fulfilling prophecy, if you let it be?

Sometimes I’ll go into work, and if everyone’s in a horrible grumpy mood and either ignores my eye contact or smile or even my hello in the morning on a Monday, I actually tend to withdraw more and stay in my own little world and perhaps feel more discontent with my job because of it.

However, if I go in to work on Monday morning and am greeted with smiles and acknowledgments by coworkers, magically, my day seems to start off better, I’m having better interactions with people, and I myself am spreading the “infection” of happiness and smiling around. It really is true that happiness and sadness or grumpiness are catching.

Studies have actually recently been done that show that both happiness and sadness have a sort of contagious factor to them. People who come into contact more with happy people tend to carry this feeling in themselves through the process of traferrence, as do people with sadness. Maybe this tends to explain why perpetually  unsatisfied or crabby people alienate others or find themselves isolated.

The good news is that you can actually change not only how your own day goes, but you can also change how other’s days are going by smiling and treating others with respect and friendliness. It really is catching, and it gets some great karma going for both you and those you come in contact with.

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Fibromyalgia, which is a disease that inflicts it’s sufferers with constant, chronic pain that is very difficult to target and relieve, has recently been linked to a higher than average suicide rate in it’s patients. Women tend to be the primary sex affected by the somewhat shadowy disease which has a variety of causes (or at least is thought to, they still have not pinned it down, hence it’s difficulty in treating).

It is thought to affect the nerves that send pain signals, and make them sort of “overactive”, so that  person with the disease feels pain, quite literally almost constantly in their muscles and joints.  It many times affects them so deeply that it is thought to cause depression. Although whether depression causes fibromyalgia, or it causes depression is up for a lot of debate, since we know that pain many times is affected psychosomatically.

What this means is that when we are in a depressed state or a bad state of mind, pain can seem all that much more intense, and some people think that this may actually be a major cause behind the disease – the perceived increase in pain perception.

Of course, there are herbal medicines for joint pain that may help, but generally patients affected with this condition are put on much more serious pain relievers such as Lyrica, which can cause a lot of side effects.

The fact that depression has now been linked to the condition and also to increased likelihood of suicide, it has been recommended by the finding panel of this news that all doctors treating patients with fibromyalgia actually make sure they are also screening and treating their patients for depression.

Not only that, they also should asking them questions periodically about whether they have ever considered suicide or are currently experiencing any type of suicidal thoughts or serious depression, to help prevent unnecessary pain and suffering on the psychological side of things.

The reasons behind this condition may not be fully known, but there is more evidence emerging every day that helps conclusions be drawn about what may help the women who are afflicted with it.

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A High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a sweetener added in many types of food in order to contribute to its taste and quality. The issue arising from using HFCS is that it is artificial produced.

Now, there are different views on whether sugar and a High-fructose corn syrup is the same because it’s produced from corn; but they aren’t. Processing the HFCS doubles the amount of sweetener molecules in its content, making it a little more dangerous if it is consumed often. The HFCS can be found in many products like ketchup, cereals, crackers, and of course, sweets.

It can also be found in all types of soda drinks.   Consuming products with high-fructose corn syrup are sweeter and that affects the appetite very quickly, meaning, people pay more attention to what the appetite is saying and not thinking of what the body has to do in order to process the syrup.

Diabetes is more like to appear. Especially children which nowadays are far more attracted to eating unhealthy food full of HFCS. Studies show terrifying results that children are an easy target for Type II Diabetes. They consume far more sweet food and soda drinks for their body to process it fully.

If the body has fructose ‘in storage’ waiting to be processed, that storage has trouble ‘checking out’, leading to obesity. Another bad news from scientists is that the children born today to have shorter life span because of the high-fructose corn syrup in food today.

Obesity is the number one problem in USA that people face when it comes to their metabolism. As said before, children are easily attracted to unhealthy junk food, sweets and sodas, but what about adults… They aren’t different either. With dynamic working life, they don’t have the time for healthy food.

The easiest way to have lunch is quickly to visit the nearest fast food restaurant and order a burger. Even in the evening they don’t like to spend time cooking dinner so they order pizzas instead, and a bottle of soda always goes with it. That is a bad combination for the body.

The solution is simple but the habit is hard to be attached longer. Eating healthier food with balanced three meals a day is absolutely not dangerous at all. Healthier food has natural vitamins, minerals and fructose that are always positive for the body functions, and obesity will never be a problem.

The only problem with it is overpowering the habit of healthy metabolism versus food rich with High-fructose corn syrup.

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The Fountain of Youth, an anti aging nectar that prolongs time spend on earth; a nectar that can cure every health problem; a nectar, unfortunately, that can be found only in fictional stories. In spite of its fictional existence, the fountain of youth is a kick-start motif for scientist search for longer life span. Youth is the greatest period in everyman’s life and forever young a common wish.

Scientist claim that the root of longer life span lies in human’s genes. It is not something that you can gain reaching certain age and it is not something that you can make by consuming special drugs. Centurion is created from birth. Through out the years scientists have made many researches concerning longer life-span situation. One type of research is published in Science and has two parts.

The first part is called GWAS, or “genome-wide association study.” About 1,000 people over 100 years old were part of the New England Centenarian Study. The obtained data was compared to a normal aging group of people; their number was also about 1,000. 70 genes were found in centenarians, repeating the study to a smaller group gave the result of 33 genes.

To make sure that everything is fair-and-square, disease-causing genes were examined in both of the groups, centenarians and normal aging people. It was confirmed that centenarians were exposed to disease as much as the normal aging people. The interesting thing is that strong immunity was given to the centenarians by the genes, ergo, longer healthy days.

Next, a special research model was build to make the result stronger.  HGH Enhancing supplements is also something you may want to look into, since HGH is the hormone that keeps you young.

150 people, centenarians and normal aging people, underwent the model research without the knowledge of who has 70 genes of longer life. The model was 77 % accurate in his prediction to which group the subject belong to. It gave 19 different genetic combinations in the centenarians.

An interesting fact about this is that 15 % had those combinations, meaning that 15 % of us should reach the age of 100 years old, and even more. But reality bites with the result of 1 in 6,000.

There are scientists that greet these results and consider them good data for future research. There are others that counter them stating that the number of people in the research is not enough.

Science confirms the fact that genes have major role in longer life. But it also, firmly states, that if you don’t take care of your body, it won’t be able to take care of you. Healthy nutrition and exercising on a regular schedule is a perfect natural way to contribute years on your calendar. Every body is undergoes aging; so, make it a healthy aging process.

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I never knew that glucosamine, or glucosamine chondroitin, as it is also commonly known, which is sold as an OTC nutitional supplement, was really used for anything other than joint pain. It’s traditionally known as a good natural supplement to take if you have arthritis or any other types of joint pain, but apparently a study was recently commissioned on how glucosamine does for people that take it for lower back pain.

Yes, sometimes I am clueless about the uses of herbal and natural products, and this was definitely one of them!  The study was comprised of over a thousand participants, and it was a placebo study. So, half of the participants took a placebo supplement and the other half took glucosamine chondroitin.

The study’s results were that the participants who took the placebo reported about the same pain relief effects as the patients who took the glucosamine, leading researchers to come to the conclusion that glucosamine is really no better than a placebo, at least when it comes to chronic lower back pain.  They do say so though that people with arthiritis or joint pain may still want to try glucosamine on a trial basis, to see if it offers them any kind of relief.

I also happen to know that my husband has experienced relief from what he thinks is the start of arthritis in his finger (arthritis runs in his family, big time).  So, I think it depends on the person. Glucosamine is a material that is found in healthy cartilage, and has been taken for a while now by those that suffer from deteriorating, painful joint conditions.

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