By Natural Advocate | July 7, 2010 - 10:55 am - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

I finally got sick and tired of drinking the supposedly “filtered” water where I work 4 ten hour days a week, and decided to splurge on myself a little and bought a smaller Brita water pitcher for my office cube. I think that when you’ve been drinking water with a lot of chemicals and chlorine in it for so long, that you forget how smooth, how pure and how utterly delicious filtered water tastes.

Now, of course I’d prefer to be drinking ionized and filtered water, but I can’t yet afford an alkaline water ionizer and filter, so this filtered water pitcher will have to do for now.  Water should taste smooth and full bodied, not like it’s hard and you feel almost like you have a residue ot the taste on your tongue when you’re done gulping it. Good, filtered water should really be free of flavor, instead it should just be pure refreshing nourishment that goes down easy and hydrates your body effectively.

This little Brita pitcher cost me about $14. It was on sale at Target, normally almost twenty bucks, and filling it up gets me almost through a whole day of water, so that’s pretty good.  I do tend to drink a lot of water too, it’s my favorite beverage!  Even when I went out to lunch today, I could taste a difference between the tap water and my filtered water, even though I masked the chemical taste a bit with a lemon wedge squeezed in there, one of my favorite health tricks.

The only thing about the Brita pitchers is that the filters can get a bit pricey to replace, and they seem to lose their effectiveness fairly quickly, but what I do to reduce the cost is I buy the multipacks of the filters, that way I save a little on each filter and I have them in stock so I don’t have to pay the higher price to buy them individually. Plus, it’s not a pain in the butt to go out and constantly be buying them in singles!

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