By Natural Advocate | July 14, 2010 - 9:04 pm - Posted in Natural Pain Relief

Fibromyalgia still remains quite a mystery, or at the very least a half-story for the majority of the medical community. Many think they might understand what causes it, but the majority of the medical field feels that it is really a combination of phsychological perception of pain and how this perceived increased pain actually makes patients feel that they are in worse pain than someone without fibromyalgia may feel.

This condition is marked by consistent, almost ever present, and widely present, pain in the body. People often feel that they cannot do anything to make the pain go away, and therefore one of the most commonly prescribed medications for this is one called Lyrica. Lyrica is a very serious, narcotic pain drug, and it is not to be taken lightly.

I know someone that was on this for severe back pain for a while, and it’s pretty serious stuff, akin to the likes of other pain killers that can be addictive as well as have serious side effects like Vicodin and Oxycontin.  If there is any way you can avoid these types of drugs, then you should really try to go with natural alternatives for pain management, because they are very difficult to get off of.

There is now more evidence that those with fibromyalgia may gain the greatest benefit if they undergo combined body and mind therapy. This means that they would have cognitive therapy that helps them to understand how to sort of “mentally” control the pain and how they perceive it, as well as other therapies commonly used for chronic pain, such as exercise programs and diet regimens.

They found during trials that increased self awareness and helping patients understand and vent feelings such as anxiety and anger, helped them to also understand pain better, and therefore, to better manage the pain when they felt it coming on.

This is really an exploration of the connection between emotions and actual pain perception. You may have a sort of idea in your head about what this is. I know I did, I pictured one of those ancient yogis or wise men who projected themselves to a different place, and were therefore immune to pain.

Or they were so emotionally in tune with how their own emotions could affect that actual physicality of the pain they felt, that they were able to effectively manage their pain at an emotional level. This is really interesting stuff, it just goes to show that our minds have incredible power over our bodies, perhaps much more than we can imagine.

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