August 2010
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Best Time to Take Herbal Colon Cleansers?

I keep around an herbal colon cleanser that I use only when I’m a little constipated.  It’s not something that I think anyone should be using all the time, as any colon cleansing or laxative type of product can have a habit forming effect on the bowels, and create a need for them in [...]

Are Air Purifiers Good?

I’ve always wondered, personally, if an air cleaner would really help us clean up the air we’re breathing at our home. Not only that, but I suspected that an air cleaner might also help clean up the obviously stale and allergen-ridden air where I work, where people sneeze constantly all day and then say [...]

Wild Mint and Lemon Balm Great But…..

I’ve learned the hard way on how you can’t plant a lot of different types of perennials  in too much abundance. They just multiply more and more each year, until they totally overrun everything else you have planted in the space. Some are a lot worse than others. I’m speaking of two of my [...]

Yes, Unfortunately Coffee is Addictive..

So, I’ve prided myself on only drinking coffee on the weekends for quite a while now. Sure, I’d have the occasional cup on a week day before work when I just couldn’t do it without the extra zing in my step I get from the specific caffeine you get from a good cup of [...]

Herbal Stomach Soothers

I am one of those people who’s stomach gets upset at the mere thought of consuming certain foods.  Before I was in on the whole “secret” that you can treat most minor ailments with herbs and natural remedies, I used to pop Tums and antacids all the time. I’m really sorry that I did [...]