September 2010
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Can Living in a High Altitude Increase Depression and Suicide Risk?

This study I heard about the other day is nothing short of fascinating. It suggests that living in higher altitude areas, ie in the mountains somewhere, actually increases suicide risk. This is fascinating because up until now, this had not been identified as a major risk factor for either depression, which is always linked [...]

Memory Loss Normal as We Age?

There has been a lot of attention focused on anti-aging in general.  While a lot of it is focused on how we look and generally feel, such as our energy levels and our level of emotional happiness with minimal anxiety and depression, there is also a lot of research focused on how to keep [...]

Spirulina for Energy

I dabbled a little in spirulina. I have had it mixed in with some smoothies at smoothie bars once or twice, my sister just made me a nice, cool drink made with strawberries, water, spirulina and a bit of agave nectar recently, and I’ve eaten it in these little energy chunk snacks that I [...]

Eating Gluten Free?

Apparently the diet that I remember my grandfather (who has since passed) having to adopt years and years ago due to celiac disease, or perhaps it was just generally from a lack of tolerance for the protein that is a common food additive, has now become somewhat of a sensation.  I’ve been noticing more [...]

Everyone Jumping on the Antioxidant Bandwagon

It seems that everyone – that is, every maker of food and food products – is jumping on the antioxidant hype bandwagon. Not that I think antioxidants are hype – I thoroughly believe that a diet high in wholesome, nutritious antioxidants and vitamins, when receive through wholesome supplements but  more importantly through the fresh [...]