October 2010
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Women Suffer Anxiety More?

It’s pretty much a commonly known fact that more women suffer from depression than men. Well, at least we can say that more women ADMIT to suffering from depression and occasional blue moods than men, if that counts for much. 

Herbal depression treatments have become an increasingly sought after remedy to ward off bad [...]

An Asthma Story About What’s Wrong With Society

When I read this story, I thought it was so reprehensible that I felt compelled to write something, at least a short something, on what is wrong with the healthcare system in general here in the US, as well as what’s wrong with the mentality that we should only give to those who can [...]

Controversial Study Claims Cancer is Cause by Us

A new study makes some pretty bold claims that all cancers are caused by the modern day society we have come to know and love, and that it is all basically caused by the modern diet, as well as modern environmental presences such as chemicals, medical testing and more – basically if you are [...]

Using St. John’s Wort as a Natural Antidepressant

No matter how generally happy we are, we all have periods of time where we just aren’t feeling quite ourselves, where we need a little nudge in the right direction to brighter moods and better outlooks, and just generally more stabilized emotions.  This is true especially for women (I’m not knocking women, believe me, [...]

States with Worst Depression Rates

Depression and anxiety are more rampant than one may expect. It’s unclear exactly how much this rate has changed in the past few decades, because rates of depression on US citizens was not always tracked so well, but right now, about ten percent of the population is said to be depressed. That is quite [...]