November 2010
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Another Painkiller Pulled from Market

It seems that serious, narcotic painkillers are really posing some serious health issues. Enough so that the FDA has even pulled some of them from the market due to various health issues that are coming to light from using them.  The latest painkiller drug to be pulled now is the common one that makes [...]

Asthma Patients Often Also Have Acid Reflux

As an asthma patient myself (although I have been able to keep it well under control naturally for years now), I wasn’t really shocked to see that a lot of asthma patients suffer from acid reflux as well.  A very large percentage of asthma patients have this other disorder as well, and I am [...]

Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Natural Health Readers!

Before we head out the door to our annual Thanksgiving celebration, I wanted to wish every one a really wonderful, happy and safe Thanksgiving!!!

New Prominent Cigarette Box Warnings to Deter Smoking?

It seems like the FDA is determined to all but make smoking cigarettes illegal by discouraging people to quit the habit, not pick it up in the first place, or socially and morally shun it. I totally see their point. After all, no one can argue that smoking is good for your health, or [...]

Omega 3’s Don’t Help Slow Progression of Alzheimers?

Omega 3 fatty acids have been known as a great help for everything from the health and appearance of your skin and hair to the health of your heart, circulatory system, and your brain function. It’s even been implicated as a tool to help treat depression long term because of the way it works [...]