By Natural Advocate | November 29, 2010 - 11:02 am - Posted in Natural Pain Relief

It seems that serious, narcotic painkillers are really posing some serious health issues. Enough so that the FDA has even pulled some of them from the market due to various health issues that are coming to light from using them.  The latest painkiller drug to be pulled now is the common one that makes up the well known painkiller Darvocet and Darvon.

This drug has been identified as causing heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats that can lead to potentially serious problems for patients which it effects.  The interesting part is that Britain actually pulled this drug before the US did.  Usually the US enforcement arm for this type of problem with pharmaceutical drugs is actually more cautious than other countries, but in this case it looks like it took us a bit longer to come to the same conclusion.

The problems that occurred in the EU over Darvon, Darvocet and its generic counterpart were suicides and overdoses that caused death.  It’s not totally clear whether the US cases mimicked that, but hey, isn’t irregular heartbeat enough to take something off the market?

Darvon belongs to the opioid family of drugs, like the other heavy hitting pain relief drugs Oxycontin and morphine, both of which are highly addictive for the high-like states they induce.  Very sad, because a lot of people who are put on these types of drugs get totally addicted to them, have withdrawal symptoms, and really have a generally awful experience because they had to be on something that would kill bad pain and had no choice.

Officials are really hoping and encouraging drug companies to come up with drugs that are not as harmful and addictive as the current painkillers are, so that they don’t have to heavily police this drug family and also worry about the adverse health effects on the patients who taken them regularly.

By Natural Advocate | November 26, 2010 - 7:54 pm - Posted in General Health Updates

As an asthma patient myself (although I have been able to keep it well under control naturally for years now), I wasn’t really shocked to see that a lot of asthma patients suffer from acid reflux as well.  A very large percentage of asthma patients have this other disorder as well, and I am totally convinced that asthma and the digestive system, and the foods we eat are all related.

Not only that, when I consider the root of asthma, which for me personally has been anxiety, also leads to digestive issues and even to acid reflux, at least for me personally, it really isn’t much of a stretch to say that the two are intertwined closer than we ever thought.

There are a few ways that the actual acid reflux can interfere with breathing. The acid produced can actually make for that tight chest feeling that asthma sufferers often report. I myself can’t stand this aspect of asthma. I feel like someone is standing on my chest. It’s a very heavy feeling, and I think that the panic that comes with it just exacerbates the asthma and the weezing.

Also, it’s thought that the if the acid gets to the bottom of the throat, it may press up against or irritate the bronchial nerve, which causes further narrowing of the bronchial passages and more restricted breathing.

I know for me, when I’m eating really bad foods, like lots of sugar or too much high fat dairy, my asthma will flare up. That’s why I try to control my asthma through natural asthma remedies as well as a controlled, healthy diet that is light on any type of sugar (especially refined) as well as light on white breads and pastas, any other type of refined carbohydrates, which really seem to disagree with me.

Ironically, these same types of foods are also the ones that make my acid reflux flare up. It’s rare that I have these flare ups, unless I eat waaaay to much food or if I eat a lot of fatty foods.  It’s something to think about though, for those of us with asthma. To me, it’s just another piece of evidence that asthma is heavily influenced by diet and lifestyle.

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Before we head out the door to our annual Thanksgiving celebration, I wanted to wish every one a really wonderful, happy and safe Thanksgiving!!!

By Natural Advocate | November 24, 2010 - 11:09 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

It seems like the FDA is determined to all but make smoking cigarettes illegal by discouraging people to quit the habit, not pick it up in the first place, or socially and morally shun it. I totally see their point. After all, no one can argue that smoking is good for your health, or that quitting smoking is a bad thing. Then again, no one can argue that cheeseburgers and french fries are good for your health, but I totally disagree with those food choices being taken away from us.

I may go against the grain a bit on this when compared to other people who are health conscious. I don’t believe in taking people’s freedom of choice away. That’s what’s so great about America. You can make your own choices, but of course you also have to lay in the bed you’ve made for yourself. At the end of the day, if we can’t all indulge in the vices that are bad for us, then life simply seems like it’s just not worth living if you can’t live dangerously once in a while.

The key is, moderation. I’m not advocating smoking AT ALL. I myself quit years ago and am glad I did as I’m healthier, look a lot better, and am not accelerating the aging process like I was for the many years I smoked. I feel great, but that doesn’t mean that I think this choice should be taken away from people.

I do however agree with making packaging more strict and getting the point across, especially to the younger people who are still more impressionable and may benefit from being turned off of smoking when they are younger.

Quitting smoking is vital if you want to live a long, happy life. The new labels that the FDA would like to push for would actually show pictures of people, babies and other various depictions of what you are doing to the health of yourself and those around you. Images are a powerful thing, and I think they might have something here if this goes through.

Of course tobacco companies won’t like it, but I think they’ll still be kept in business. Tobacco and nicotine will probably always have a place in this world, but if you are interested in quitting smoking while you’re ahead, make sure you check out the herbal smoking cessation products that make the job so much easier. If the new pictures and statements go into effect, they will hit cigarette packages as early as October of 2012.

By Natural Advocate | November 22, 2010 - 9:12 pm - Posted in Nutritional Supplements

Omega 3 fatty acids have been known as a great help for everything from the health and appearance of your skin and hair to the health of your heart, circulatory system, and your brain function. It’s even been implicated as a tool to help treat depression long term because of the way it works in the brain.

It was thought that a component of fish oil supplements, or omega 3 fatty acid supplements called DHA, may help to slow the progression of alzheimer’s disease and cushion the blow of it, or even help to treat it, since alzheimers patients were usually showing a deficiency in this particular fatty acid. However, a study that was funded has proven apparently that DHA’s do not help to treat or slow the progression of this unfortunate disease.

The confusing piece to this puzzle is that seemingly there was a lot of placebo and anecdotal evidence that those who get a lot of these beneficial fatty acids in their diet have reduced risk of, or slowed development of, alzheimers. However, when it was put into a clinical study the benefits to existing alzheimers patients just weren’t able to be proven.

I still say that omega 3 dietary supplements are one of the supplements that everyone should take. While it may not help with cognitive abilities when a disease has already started, it certainly may still help protect against them, and increase your quality of life in the mean time. It’s multiple anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits are still present, that has not changed.

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