By Natural Advocate | December 11, 2010 - 7:58 pm - Posted in Vitamins & Minerals

There has been discussion on Vitamin D, which has quickly gained a reputation of the one vitamin that “flew under the radar” for a very long time in terms of us recognizing its true importance to the human body.

Now, there is a lot of literature about it floating around on news outlets and other sources, and there is certainly a lot of confusion as to how much one should take – ie, the dosage of vitamin D that one should take in supplement form, or at least how much one should intake every day in their diet and getting natural vitamin D from the sunlight you’re exposed to.

There is no easy “catch all” answer though, and it also depends on a person’s weight and height, since body mass effects how any nutrient is absorbed and utilized, and it must be considered how much of the nutrient actually works in the body since only so much can work per unit of body mass (does that make sense, I feel like I just talked in circles!)

At any rate, the indisputable fact is that we all need vitamin D, and we need it on a daily basis. However, there is such a thing as over doing it on this very important vitamin.

Vitamin D is what you call fat soluble, which means it is stored in fat and can stay in the body for a longer time than water soluble vitamins like vitamin C. Vitamin C is flushed out of the body on a daily basis, whereas vitamin D can be stored. Therefore, with any fat soluble vitamin it is possible to reach toxic tissue levels.

The recommendations seem to range from 800 IU’s (International Units) to 2,000 IU’s and even up to 4,000 IU’s (which by man standards seems excessive)!  You have to be careful though, because you really need to know how much is good for your body, which is why getting your vitamin D levels professionally checked might be a good idea.

This can give you a baseline to understand where you’re at.  Excessive vitamin D can lead to heart damage over time, and may also lead to kidney damage and has also been linked to kidney stones (which are VERY painful!)  Vitamin D is extremely important in your immune function, mood, and cancer prevention.  So no matter what the case, you should make sure you are getting enough of this powerful and very necessary nutrient.

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