January 2011
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Make Your Skin Glow : Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your life if you are currently still smoking.  Smoking does a number of things in the body that are detrimental not only to your overall health and longevity, but it also greatly inhibits the skin’s ability to “glow” and look fresh [...]

Brightly Colored Fruits and Vegetables Gives You a Glow

It seems like the ultimate in how men and women are perceived as “beautiful” has to do with a sort of natural, healthy glow that their skin has. You’ve seen it on Hollywood stars, and you’ve seen it on some people you know.  People who have this all too coveted glow may be hiding [...]

Test Taking Strategy to Improve Focus?

I read a really interesting article the other day about a neat method that kids and adults can use when they are having anxiety-induced ADD or ADHD because of a test and the jitters that they feel about doing well or poorly on it.

A study found that if people just sat down and [...]

Henna a Better Natural Hair Color Alternative?

I’ve been dying my hair on and off for years now. I think I started before I even turned 21. I experimented with highlights, accentuated my natural brunette color, and even experimented with going blond for a while (don’t ask me why, I look back on that and cringe now).

Through all those years [...]

What is an Oxygen Bar?

One of the more interesting alternative healing and wellness methods is the increasingly popular oxygen bars.  Upon a visit to an oxygen bar, a customer will pay about a $1.00 for one minute of inhaling an increased percentage of oxygen.

A nasal cannula is used for this inhalation and the concentrated oxygen is created [...]