By Natural Advocate | January 31, 2011 - 7:19 am - Posted in Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your life if you are currently still smoking.  Smoking does a number of things in the body that are detrimental not only to your overall health and longevity, but it also greatly inhibits the skin’s ability to “glow” and look fresh and radiant, and it discolors that teeth as well.

These two things together definitely age you. They make you look older and more tired.  When you quit smoking, you see an almost immediate improvement in your overall appearance simply because of these two things alone. You’d be amazed at your body’s ability to adapt and go back to normal after you kick the habit.

We recommend this natural quit smoking patch to help you quit without all the harsh side effects.

The reason that smoking makes your skin look so much worse is because smoking restrict the levels of oxygen in the blood. It also restrict circulation of blood throughout the system. This makes your skin look stagnant, and takes away a lot of that youthful glow that you enjoy when you are living a toxin free life.

You are basically sucking in carbon dioxide every time you inhale, and that is killing off oxygen in the blood. This is why smokers find it hard to breathe sometimes. It’s also why the skin tends to take on a sallow hue, because when your blood is oxygenated, it gives off a more natural, healthy glow than when it is lacking oxygen flow and circulation ability.

So quitting smoking not only makes you feel better, it almost instantly makes you LOOK better too!  See our suggestions for herbal smoking cessation products to help you.

By Natural Advocate | January 29, 2011 - 9:53 am - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

It seems like the ultimate in how men and women are perceived as “beautiful” has to do with a sort of natural, healthy glow that their skin has. You’ve seen it on Hollywood stars, and you’ve seen it on some people you know.  People who have this all too coveted glow may be hiding a secret – and it’s not a great bronzer, highlighting makeup, or tanning booth either.

It’s eating fruits and vegetables that are bright and deeply colored – and a big variety and abundance of them too.  Why is this?  How can you actually get this glow from within?  Well, first let me say that I have definitely noticed this phenomenon within myself.

When my diet is smoothly humming along a healthy, wholesome trail, where I am getting a majority of nutrition from fruits and veggies, my skin definitely takes on a rosier, healthier, and more colorful glow.

When my diet is not so hot, and I’m consuming a lot of crap, I notice that my skin looks duller, not as full of color and vibrance, and actually looks more pale, so yes I totally see this working for me.  I imagine a lot of people notice an improvement in their overall appearance, not just the weight loss itself when they are getting plenty of fruits and veggies.

Recent studies have shown that it’s the natural glow that comes from within that gives people the radiant, perceived attractivness more than the fake glow from the sunlight or a tanning booth. They simulated this and showed people to rate by attractiveness the ones that got sunlight and the ones that got their natural glow from fruits and veggies.

The people who were deemed more attractive actually got their glow from eating more fruits and vegetables that are rich in something called caretenoids. These are found in many fruits and veggies and they often give them their color. Carrots are notoriously high in them.

In  fact, some of the tanning pills that are on the market contain high levels of these, and they turn you an orange color.  Not good, but you can see how eating one a day could lend to a youthful, attractive glow and deeper skin tone.

So, instead of heading to the tanning booth, up your fruit and veggie intake and see what that does for you first.

By Natural Advocate | January 27, 2011 - 11:54 am - Posted in Cognitive and Focus

I read a really interesting article the other day about a neat method that kids and adults can use when they are having anxiety-induced ADD or ADHD because of a test and the jitters that they feel about doing well or poorly on it.

A study found that if people just sat down and wrote about their anxieties and fears of doing poorly on a test several hours prior to the test, this mere act alone helped them to close the doors on the anxiety so their brains had “more room” so to speak, to focus on the test at hand.

This allowed people to use the writing as a sort of data and fear-dumping therapy so they could then focus mainly on just the test and studying for it.  It’s interesting to note that people often can manipulate their brains and their thoughts this way.

Simply writing things down often helps people get rid of bad thoughts and memories, to let them go, maybe to forgive someone or themselves, and to let go of generally bad karma so you can move on with your life in a productive manner.

Many people swear by keeping diaries where they can pour out their inner most thoughts, fears, private ruminations, and other very private and deeply held thoughts, so that they can sort of free themselves of them. There is definitely something about the act of writing itself that helps one free up their mind for other more constructive purposes.

Also, as you know, we’ve been talking a lot about anxiety and also about attention deficit disorder and how herbal remedies for focus can really help you to slow your mind down and be able to think and focus on a task at hand for several hours instead of always being interrupted by your own random thoughts and fears.

By Natural Advocate | January 25, 2011 - 12:32 pm - Posted in Herbal & Natural Beauty

I’ve been dying my hair on and off for years now. I think I started before I even turned 21. I experimented with highlights, accentuated my natural brunette color, and even experimented with going blond for a while (don’t ask me why, I look back on that and cringe now).

Through all those years of dousing my head in chemicals, one thing remained consistent. They always burned my scalp, and they always damaged my hair. Most commercial hair dyes actually contain cancer causing chemicals that really shouldn’t even come in contact with your skin at any point.

And yet, here we are, putting them on our heads over and over and over, trying to cover gray hair, and trying to alter our appearance with these deadly chemicals.

I decided that I was going to stop using these chemicals on my head, and try out color refreshers, which are shampoos and conditioners that are designed to help keep gray at bay and also to refresh your natural color.

They work fine, but I still wanted something that I could do every few weeks that would intensify my brunette color without any chemicals, and make my hair appear shinier and healthier, with more depth without the toxins.

So I tried Henna hair dye.  Let me  tell you, if you’ve never used it before, make sure you pick a color that is lighter than what you think your natural shade is. For example, I may like deep brown normally, but using a deep brown henna would turn my hair almost to black.  So go for a chestnut or something if you’re just trying it out, or a light brown for safety.

Henna hair dye can have a great outcome, you just have to get used to it. It also gives the hair some excellent natural highlights because of the way it takes in the various strands of hair.  For example, it may take differently in gray than in normal hair, so you end up with a great natural looking variation.

Often times people rave about how thick and shiny their hair looks after a henna dye job also.

Things to look out for are the smell, which can be overbearing and a little too “algae” like.  Also, make sure you apply a cream around your hair line as most henna dyes will stain your skin for a day or two.  Also, many kits do not come with shower caps, gloves or applicators, so make sure you have those on hand.

By Natural Advocate | January 23, 2011 - 5:23 am - Posted in Alternative Therapies

One of the more interesting alternative healing and wellness methods is the increasingly popular oxygen bars.  Upon a visit to an oxygen bar, a customer will pay about a $1.00 for one minute of inhaling an increased percentage of oxygen.

A nasal cannula is used for this inhalation and the concentrated oxygen is created from the ambient air by an oxygen device which intensifies oxygen inhalation.

For a more pleasurable breathing experience, often aromatherapy agents are used together with the concentrated oxygen.  Some of the scents used might be lavender or mint depending on consumer preference and if they want to be calmed or energized by the oxygen bar.

The creation of the oxygen bars evolved from the theory that our bodies are oxygen deprived.  Enthusiasts for the oxygen bars believe them to be safe and feel that the more concentrated oxygen will remove toxins, enhance health and well being, minimize headaches, hangovers and sinus problems.

There are a number of precautions with the use of oxygen bars.  If excessive doses or concentrations are used for any extended periods of time, there could be serious side effects.  Flavoring methods that use oils for their base can cause lung inflammation if the oil droplets are inhaled.

Many oxygen bars offer water based aromas instead to avoid this potential problem.  Concentrated oxygen is hazardous around any spark, cigarette or open flame as oxygen will accelerate the flame.

Equipment used in oxygen bars must be maintained and cleaned well to prevent any microorganisms from growing.  If you look online, there are a vast number of different personal oxygen bar units available with a huge variation in pricing and style.  Many of the personal oxygen bars come with soothing sounds and aromas.

Oxygen can be purchased even in individual cans.   The recreational grade of oxygen is all levels below 95%.  Anything above 95% is considered for medical use and must have a physician’s order and a specific reason for it’s use.  The way you inhale the oxygen can come in many different forms as well, depending on your preference.

It’s supposed to give yo a big burst of energy, which is great if you’re looking to re-energize. Plus, oxygen is just good for you, your organs, and your overall circulation.

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