February 2011
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E-Cigarettes Not Allowed on Planes

E-cigarettes have been touted as a great way to quit smoking. But some people aren’t so sure about their actual safety, and there are even questions of their legality in some places.  The e-cigarette is an invention that is designed to take the place of a cigarette for those who are addicted to the [...]

Music Therapy : How it Can Help

Music therapy, as an adjunct to traditional medicine, is effective in the healing process.  According to a recent study, listening to music releases dopamine in the brain.

During the new study on the effects of listening to music, PET scans showed the brain released more dopamine (which is a natural antidepressant) when listening to [...]

Happiness Is Good For Your Health

Happiness is an elusive quality to quantify and look at from a strictly scientific point of view.  The definition of happiness according to the dictionary is “a state of well being and contentment ; joy”.

When looking at surrounding circumstances that we equate with happiness, we think of wealth, health and youth.  Yet, none [...]

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be very upsetting and damaging to the self esteem for both men and women.   One of the more innovative treatments for regrowth of hair is platelet rich plasma cell therapy.  Be sure to check out two of our recommendations for hair loss which are very affordable, Profollica and Provillus as well.


Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Part II

Your total number for your cholesterol should be under 200.  When looking at your cholesterol level, you should have a lipid panel done to measure your LDL and HDL level to see how these components are working together.  Your LDL level should be lower than 130 while your HDL level should be over 35.