By Natural Advocate | March 16, 2011 - 10:26 pm - Posted in Smoking Cessation

Well, it wouldn’t be a revolutionary move if it weren’t Manhattan or L.A. unveiling some new law that tends to be on the cutting edge of trends and the way society seems to be going now, especially when it comes to smoke free restaurants, places of business, and environments.

These cities are for up and comers, chic consumers, and home to many, many people who are super health conscious and who are demanding of things that contribute to their health and beauty, not take away from it.  LA has now become the first major city to enact a smoking ban outdoors.

Specifically, they are banning smoking in outdoor dining areas. So, where once a smoker could find refuge in their smoking habit by choosing to dine outdoors, now they cannot do that, and pollute the air around them in the immediate vicinity.

The new ban is even enforcing this no smoking rule near food vendors and food trucks, so it is pretty far reaching. It may seem extreme, but this is another step in the direction that the US is going in preventing second hand smoke from interfering with non smoker’s health without being invited.

Some smokers may even feel like this is an invasion of their right to smoke, but when you review some of the research of the hundreds of toxins that are found in cigarette smoke, you may change your mind on whether it’s harmful to be inhaled as a second hand participant.

There have even been studies that have found that homes and apartments where smokers had lived contained several toxins from the smoke ingrained in the walls and the wood of homes for several years after the smokers moved out.

This further contributes to the theory that cigarettes don’t need to be direclty inhaled by the smoker themselves in order to yield hazardous and potentially deadly toxic results to the second hand inhaler.

It is yet another reason to consider quitting smoking by looking into your plethora of options to kick this habit once and for all. There are some great herbal smoking cessation products that we think you should look into.

After all, you don’t know how healthy you can feel until you quit. It’s only then that you truly realize what you’ve been missing all these years of smoking!

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