April 2011
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Over Half the US Population Takes Supplements!

I just love when the medical community tries to poo poo the fact that a lot of Americans find some serious value in taking supplements to supplement their diet and their lifestyle. Of course, there is no denying that a healthy, balanced diet and healthy living and exercising is the best way to stay [...]

How to Take Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and nutritional supplements are items we take to improve our health so we should have some common sense in how we use them.  Storage should be noted on the label of your vitamins and supplements. 

Most vitamin labels say to keep them tightly sealed and to store in a cool dry place.  Read [...]

New Supplements for ADD

ADD and ADHD have been increasingly coming across my desk. It’s alarming to me that so many parents feel pressured to put their children are harsh and dangerous drugs that act as stimulants and can have multiple side effects for their children who are exhibiting signs of ADD and focus problems. Some of the [...]

More Natural Options for Skin Lightening Creams

Skin whitening, or lightening creams, have been popular amongst women and men with darker complected skin tones who want to have a fairer skin tone. However, the most popular ingredients in these skin lightening creams were thought to be extremely harmful, and could even lead to skin cancers when used regularly.

Hydroquinone and mercury [...]

Apples Are Goshdarn Healthy

I never used to really like apples all that much as a kid. Maybe it’s because I felt they were crammed down my throat as a “required” part of my lunch that was packed every day, sort of like the banana that was packed which made everything in my darn lunch pail taste like [...]