By Natural Advocate | April 11, 2011 - 8:05 pm - Posted in Smoking Cessation

It is no great mystery that smoking leads to several deadly diseases, and causes accelerated tissue aging, shortness of breath, and several other health problems that may not be deadly, but certainly can lead to death if left unchecked.

Every time you inhale cigarette smoke, you are inhaling lethal carcinogens which enter the body through the throat and lungs, but which are also filtered throughout the body via the blood. You are literally dumping toxic waste into your body every day when you are a habitual smoker, which is why so many smokers want to quit smoking – they just need the right tools.

Quitting smoking definitely has its challenges, but it’s a lot easier to quite the habit when you can’t smoke in public places any longer, and sometimes you can’t even smoke right outside public places. 

New York and California started this trend, and other states soon followed, so you can bet your bippy that other states will follow suit and soon it may even become a federal law.

Also, the cost of cigarettes has become astronomical by most standards. Where as a pack of cigarettes would cost about $2-3 when I was in college, now they cost around $6 a pack, and even more than that in some geographic locations, or where they are harder to come by or import in.

New reports coming in show that cigarette smoking may be the cause of upwards of 500,000 people per year. They followed study participants who responded that they were smokers for several years, and found an astounding amount of those people died premature deaths that were smoking related.

Even more reason to finally quit!  I am a former smoker myself, and I can’t rave enough about how wonderful I felt after I quit the habit.  It took a while for me to fully enjoy the benefits of not smoking, since it was a little while before my lungs and other body functions went back to normal, but I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my life.

There are some excellent herbal smoking cessation remedies that really help you get through the toughest spots of quitting by taking away the ridiculous urges you get to smoke, and by helping to calm the symptoms of withdrawal that tend to make people go back to smoking after a short time of quitting.

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