By Natural Advocate | May 11, 2011 - 5:53 am - Posted in Smoking Cessation

Millions of Americans want to quit smoking. Heck, sometimes it seems like just about as much money is devoted to helping people quite the habit is used to actually make the cigarettes and market them. Although, cigarette marketing is largely banned now. 

Cigarette makers are not allowed to advertise in print or television, so they are pretty limited in their ad options.  Now, the government is actually going to step in and start regulating a method to quit smoking, the E-cigarette.

These little devices have gained in popularity for smokers trying to quit because they look and feel like a real cigarette, and help smokers to satisfy the hand holding part and , fdapsychological part of cigarette smoking, while also getting a dose of the feel good chemicals in cigarettes, but without the harmful smoke in their lungs.

Or are they harmful to your lungs?  That part is up for debate.  At least they do not emit the same odor or smoke that regular cigarettes do, so they definitely cut down on the second hand smoke aspect of smoking.

The FDA has said that they are now allowed, after a court ruling, to regulate the devices as tobacco. They are not allowed to regulate it as a medical device though, which was originally up for debate when E-cigarettes first started to get popular. They also cannot block the importation of these smoking cessation devices, which is another win for the marketers and makers of these little contraptions.

What does the FDA regulation mean exactly?  They will have the exact same powers to control the Ecigarette as they do for tobacco cigarettes, nothing more and nothing less. As to what exaclty that means, I’m sure it has to do with marketing claims, distribution and taxing, among other things.

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