By Natural Advocate | August 5, 2011 - 8:43 am - Posted in Nutritional Supplements

There may be yet more benefits from taking a good omega 3 fish oil supplement. I emphasize good (and pure) because there are a lot out there that can be close to worthless because they are either loaded with mercury and other contaminants, or they are not potent enough to do any good.

A quality omega 3 dietary supplement will absorb into the body properly and actually do the things it’s supposed to such as help protect heart health, blood pressure, make your skin glow, and generally boost your overall health.  Now, we add another benefit when it comes to taking fish oil when pregnant.

Apparently, research has found that women that took fish oil supplements during pregnancy had infants that seemed to be more resistent to the common cold.  Specifically, their babies seemed to be more protected against the common cold because their immune systems seem to have a boost from the omega 3 fatty acids their mothers took during their gestation in the womb.

The specific omega fatty acid that the mothers with healthier babies took was DHA. This is a specific acid that is found in some omega 3 fatty acid supplements, and fish oil.

Why the boost in immunity from taking the omega 3 supplement? Well, it is well known that these acids have some great protective properties on many cells in the body. Turns out they also may help in the development of certain types of cells in the body, namely the immune functional cells.

It is thought that this is the reason behind the baby’s increased immunity function due to the supplementation. To gain the most benefit, the mother likely would want to take the supplement the entire time during her pregnancy, as the more trimesters she gets in, the more she can help her baby’s cells develop.

This is more great news on this supplement, and the great part is that it is a relatively inexpensive one to take.

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