September 2011
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Remember, Carbon Monoxide is Deadly…

Every time I read a story about people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, it really saddens me. These people went to sleep at night fully trusting that they would wake in the morning to a brand new day, a brand new chance to live the lives they love.  I think carbon monoxide poisoning so [...]

What are Xanthelasma?

Yeah, I never heard of these either, so don’t feel bad. These are actually the little yellow globs of fatty substances that are sometimes seen in the eyes, often on more elderly people.  They are not just merely “there” though, according to new reports.

They actually may indicate serious heart problems, and the person [...]

Seratonin Levels and Your Mental Health

A recent article referenced seratonin, one of the key emotionally balancing, joyful  chemicals in our brain and body, and its connection to anger reactions in the human brain.  Seratonin is a vital chemical that affects our feelings of well being. Without adequate levels of seratonin, we feel depressed, anxious, lethargic and generally express a [...]

The Power of Prayer and Meditation

It has long been thought and documented that a positive attitude goes a long way in helping us heal from various illnesses and afflictions.  Along with that same line of reasoning, the power of prayer, by ourselves and others, also has a positive power in our abilities to heal from illness successfully.  

Where medicine [...]

Women Who Smoke Have More Bladder Issues

In addition to the multiple ways that smoking is toxic to your health, women have yet another reason not to pick up the habit, or to quit smoking if they currently engage in this risky pastime.  Men do too, since they have a higher risk of prostate cancer among other things though, so men [...]