By Natural Advocate | September 30, 2011 - 9:18 am - Posted in General Health Updates

Every time I read a story about people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, it really saddens me. These people went to sleep at night fully trusting that they would wake in the morning to a brand new day, a brand new chance to live the lives they love.  I think carbon monoxide poisoning so scares us because it is so insidious.

It is invisible to the human eye, and sometimes can even be undetectable to the nose, although the fumes that cause it may have a smell to them in certain cases, such as from a car engine running and producing the toxic fumes.

I just read a sad story about how carbon monoxide poisoning took the life of five bikers who were attending a charity event in Tennessee.  They were camping out in an RV.  The RV was overcome with toxic fumes from a generator because it had a storage hatch on it that would not close properly, and the toxic fumes were able to seep into the RV while they were sleeping, unkowingly poisoning them.

It is wise to have a carbon monoxide detector both in your home and in your RV if you own one. I think RV’s are important too because they represent such a confined space.  Keeping a window cracked is always prudent as well, so that just in case it happens, you can have a safety net in letting some of it escape.

Most experts recommend that you keep the CO2 detector on hand at all times though, and make sure the batteries are always charged. You can tell on most models by looking at the light on the device. Usually, it has some sort of indicator when the battery is going dead and needs to be replaced, especially if it is one that works by electric and battery.

Carbon monoxide poisoning actually robs the brain of oxygen, and this is how it takes life.  Severe exposure can lead to death since the brain may be robbed of oxygen for too long, cutting it off from its very lifesource – air with oxygen in it, for too long a time for a person to recover brain activity.

Less severe exposure can lead to dizziness, nausea and confusion. If you feel any of these, get out of where you are and into fresh air immediately.

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