October 2011
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Vitamins and Common Sense

Vitamin supplementation, in moderation, is a good idea for many of us.  Due to our fast paced lives, many people don’t always pay attention to getting all of the food groups in to reach our recommended daily allowances of every vitamin everyday.  Women, in particular, often go on severely calorie restricted diets and may [...]

Home Remedies You May Have Never Heard Of

Home remedies, or natural ways of dealing with everyday physical discomforts and health and beauty issues, have been around and passed down through generations.  Some do not have a lot of value and others are really effective.

One issue that bothers both men and women is drying of the skin from colder weather outdoors [...]

Flax Seed Oil and Women

I take flax seed supplements every day. I used to take a krill oil supplement, but frankly that got a bit expensive and I was getting a little tired of the fishy burps that often accompanied as dose. I also have been on a bit of a vegan kick with my diet, trying to [...]

Green Tea Getting Some Great Props!

Green tea has enjoyed a really healthy reputation lately. Of course, it started a few years back when it got all kinds of great press for being a super antioxidant drink and a healthier alternative to America’s favorite energizing beverage coffee.

Tea in general, when it is organic and when it is brewed properly, [...]

Truth in Labeling Part II

This is often misleading since the consumer would probably assume this type of cheese uses nothing but soy or rice in it’s processing.  However, many vegetarian cheeses are not really dairy free.  They often contain a product called casein, which is a milk protein.

So, many of these cheeses are not truly dairy free [...]