By Natural Advocate | October 6, 2011 - 10:59 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

In a somewhat fast move that didn’t seem to take a ton of comtemplation, at least not in the public court of opinion, the Obama administration has made a move to ban OTC (Over the Counter) inhalers. Now, asthma patients will only be able to get inhalers via prescription.

The ban is going in effect over environmental concerns. Apparently OTC asthma inhaler brands have clouroflorocarbons (CFCs) in them. These are the chemicals that are used to propel liquid in a fine spray out of cans and other containers. It was largely discontinued in common use for most products years ago over environmental concerns.

CFC’s have been the target of scrutiny since they were shown to be an ozone layer depletion mechanism. They damage the earth’s atmosphere by damaging the ozone layer that protects us from excessive heat and pollution essentially.

So, what makes prescription inhalers different? Don’t those have CFC’s too?  Apparently they do not. This is why the OTC versions are being banned. I’m kind of wondering here, why the OTC brands aren’t just picking up the slack, getting with the times and making a product that does not contain CFC’s, but I’m sure that I must be missing part of the picture.

Although I don’t like over the counter inhalers as I think they are dangerous and bad for the heart, I question this move and what it does to people who have no health insurance who now have to go to a doctor, the expense of an appointment and checkup for a prescription, then the extra expense of a prescription product.

It doesn’t seem fair in some way, and I thought the current administration was all gung ho about getting fair health care for everyone. For a fairly inconsequential benefit, this seems contradictory to that theme.  This may even push more people to try more natural asthma remedies, if they are going to have to go the prescription route soon.

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