November 2011
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Can Soy Help Protect Against a Certain Type of Cancer?

The health benefits of soy have long been bandied back and forth between the medical and alternative health community. Some say that too much processed soy products can actually fuel certain types of hormonal cancer while others say that is not true.  Some believe that only all natural forms of soy protein with no [...]

ADHD Medication and Women

It seems that more and more women are opting to go on ADHD drugs. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, over the past ten years. In fact, the amount of females on these types of drugs, which many believe are dangerous and even addictive, has absolutely skyrocketed.

It’s interesting because it used to be [...]

Too Much Vitamin D Linked to Heart Arrythmia?

I don’t know why, but I’m very leery to follow the recommendations of the common medical establishment, and when I see “warnings” come out by the AMA or other such associations about vitamins which have a proven health benefit, such as the prevention of cancer, I tend to treat it with extreme skepticism.

Vitamin [...]


Have a wonderful, safe and happy Thanksgiving day today. Giving thanks for good health, good food, and the health and well being of our beloved friends and family.  Let’s make this a great Thanksgiving.  You can always get “back on track” tomorrow

Increasing Evidence Vitamin D Helps Prevent Depression

There is more and more a mountain of evidence that vitamin D is so crucial to so many body functions as well as defense against disease and sickness. I can tell you from personal experience that since starting my 2,000 IU morning and 2,000 IU evening regimen of vitamin D capsules, I have not [...]