By Natural Advocate | November 5, 2011 - 2:28 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

Last time we reported on the fact that BPA’s, the chemical that is found in many plastics to make them harder, and is found in many containers for our every day personal and hygeine care, are linked to diabetes. Now, it seems they are also linked to behavioral problems in little girls.

It has been reported that new research indicates that women who tested with high BPA levels in their urine while carrying their child tended to have children- little girls specifically – around age 3 start to show signs of behavioral disorders such as ADD, hyperactivity disorder and poor social interaction skills, much more than women who had lower rates of BPA’s in their urine during pregnancy.

Of course, as with any other study like this, it could be random luck, but it does appear there is some sort of link, it’s just not entirely clear why. BPA’s have demonstrated that they are an endocrine disruptor. They specifically mimic female hormones in the body.

This may explain why mostly little girls showed signs of their behavior and development being affected instead of little boys from BPA exposure since hormones dictate a lot of the brain and emotion development in girls more so than boys.

Since BPA exposure also showed signs of changing sexual behavior in female rats in studies, the assumption is that BPA exposure may affect young girls more than young boys in some ways.  However, parents of both girls and boys should avoid exposure to this chemical if they can, to be safe since the chemical has shown effects of a different nature on boys as well.

Avoiding BPA’s is kind of hard these days, since it shows up in the most unlikely and unassuming places. For example, most people don’t know that most canned foods expose them to BPA’s.  Also, toothpaste, handling plastics, almost any other items that is in a plastic container that is not BPA free has the risk of absorbing the harmful chemical and delivering it to your body.

Look for the label “BPA free” wherever possible.

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