By Natural Advocate | November 28, 2011 - 10:30 am - Posted in Cognitive and Focus

It seems that more and more women are opting to go on ADHD drugs. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, over the past ten years. In fact, the amount of females on these types of drugs, which many believe are dangerous and even addictive, has absolutely skyrocketed.

It’s interesting because it used to be that men or boys were the ones that most commonly were prescribed these ADHD drugs but that has actually done a total 180 in the past ten years with more women being on these drugs than men.

I suspect, although I hope it’s not the case, that many women may be going on these drugs because of their notoriety as an appetite suppressant. The amount of women on one particular ADHD drug has been attributed to a  trend started in Hollywood to go on these dangerous drugs simply for weight loss.

What they don’t bargain for are the side effects, which can be rampant acne and terrible withdrawal symptoms when they finally go off of them.  Scary stuff.  ADHD seems to be somewhat of one of those newer fangled “disorders” that tends to be overmedicated and over diagnosed. Sometimes, it’s not a personality disorder or anything – it’s just plain old how a person is.

The disturbing trend doesn’t really show signs of slowing down either.  Women are still being prescribed these drugs, and all they really have to do is go to a willing doctor and tell them they have the symptoms of ADHD.

There are of course natural ways to help ADHD. They are non-narcotic and of course are gentler on the body without the side effects of these drugs, but the method of treatment is of course up to the person who has the disorder. Children are also diagnosed with ADD a lot when in fact if parents would simply tweak their diet, they can naturally curb a lot of the symptoms.

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