December 2011
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Happy New Year!

Hey all HerbalNews readers! It’s that time yet AGAIN!  It’s going to be the new year officially in a few short hours.  Another year is gone.  And boy did it fly. We had lots of news on the health front, good and bad. But lots of bad news unfortunately for herbal supplements and health [...]

Write Things Down to Boost Memory

Our memories are not used to full capacity, as many studies have shown. We don’t even utilize a lot of the “room” have up in our brains, but there are ways we can definitely improve upon how we use it and how much of the things we have stored in our memories.

This means [...]

Is Modern Media All Against Alternative Medicine?

It struck me, especially lately, how much “bad news” and negative stuff I hear in the mainstream media about herbal remedies and alternative medicine.  It seems that the media is backed by some serious pharmaceutical interests, because otherwise, why would they repeatedly bash something like this?

I’ve seen so many stories lately that are [...]

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to take this time to wish each and every HerbalNews reader a Merry Christmas. Regardless of what you celebrate, this is a season for giving.

I particularly enjoy giving presents to my family now that I’m older, and I really enjoy also giving what I can to support those in need who [...]

Can Some Depression Meds Make People Feel Worse?

There’s a little known fact about going on antidepressants of the medical variety.  Many times, a doctor must prescribe as many as three different (or more) medications before the patient finds one that doesn’t either make them feel worse or doesn’t work at all.

This is actually fairly common place. So the notion that [...]