By Natural Advocate | December 31, 2011 - 5:53 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

Hey all HerbalNews readers! It’s that time yet AGAIN!  It’s going to be the new year officially in a few short hours.  Another year is gone.  And boy did it fly. We had lots of news on the health front, good and bad. But lots of bad news unfortunately for herbal supplements and health freedom.

We had a lot of Obama’s health care policies go in force this year, only to see health care premiums skyrocket yet again, putting already strapped American families in yet another financial bind.

We’ve also seen increased media sensationalism and attacks on herbal supplements and vitamins, claming they are hazardous to your health – only to continue to be mum on the most deadly pharmaceutical drugs and treatments like chemotherapy and dangerous life threatening and highly addictive pain killing drugs.

On the good news front, we have seen a lot of groundbreaking news from some of the best natural health news sources on the planet, and a continued call for health freedom from some great nonprofit organizations.

Let’s make 2012 a GREAT YEAR everyone, regardless of the economy and other outlying factors.

By Natural Advocate | December 28, 2011 - 3:21 pm - Posted in Cognitive and Focus

Our memories are not used to full capacity, as many studies have shown. We don’t even utilize a lot of the “room” have up in our brains, but there are ways we can definitely improve upon how we use it and how much of the things we have stored in our memories.

This means we can “pull” these memories to the forefront more on demand.  There are several obstacle in the way of our day to day memory.  Things like stress, too much on your “to do” list, and even hormonal fluctuations, particularly in women with estrogen deficiencies, can dramatically decrease your ability to call up memories on demand, like you should be able to do.

One of the things I’ve found, and what I’ve learned from reading books on increasing productivity and also  by attending classes at work called Getting Things Done, is that writing things down dramatically helps.

What you don’t even realize is that half the time you’re trying so desperately to remember what you just thought about having to do twenty minutes ago and dredging up that memory, that this gets in the way of you remembering the new things.

If you have to focus on a new project for instance, or you are trying to just get something that you are CURRENTLY working on done, you have less room in your capacity to focus if you are trying to think of the million other things you need to do.

But guess what?  Writing it down helps take your mind off the fact that you have to remember yet another task. It gives you the peace of mind to feel ok about focus on on the task at hand.  This alone, this one small thing, has worked wonders for me.

I carry a pad around in my car, in my purse and in my office where I write things down so I don’t forget the thought I had. That way, I can get on with what I really have to do, and be productive!

By Natural Advocate | December 26, 2011 - 10:12 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

It struck me, especially lately, how much “bad news” and negative stuff I hear in the mainstream media about herbal remedies and alternative medicine.  It seems that the media is backed by some serious pharmaceutical interests, because otherwise, why would they repeatedly bash something like this?

I’ve seen so many stories lately that are going for the scare in people. One of the recent ones was how people who take over 800 IU’s of vitamin D a day risk heart palpitations. Never mind the other benefits vitamin D can give the body such as immune support, bone strength and the potential to help prevent several cancers.

No, what the media is focusing on are studies that seem to be very poorly constructed and randomized, and don’t account for several other outlying factors.  Another recent attack on vitamin D claims that it had no protective quality against cancer or heart disease.

Again, the studies cited seemed flawed in their approach. I guess for me, I rely on my own personal experience with a particular vitamin or supplement or way of life, and disregard all other stories about it.

I also rely heavily on anecdotal evidence from people I know and people I read about (non commercial of course), because I trust people’s experiences that have no ulterior motive more than I do any study.

Here’s just a smattering of headlines in one major online news publication as an example of the way the media smears alternative medicine, or looks for flaws in it :

“Got a Cold? Echinacea Won’t Help Much”

“Caution Urged for Alternative Meds in Children”

“Poorer Vision My Persist After ‘Lazy Eye Therapy'”

“Many Dietary Supplements are Contaminated”

“Herbal Supplements Often Sold with False Claims”

So as you can see, the media in general tends to not be in favor of alternative medicine. This makes me fear for the future of freedom in how we treat ourselves. If you’re interested in protecting your herbal medicine and alternative health freedoms, visit “Health Freedom Alliance” online and sign up for their email list.

They email you when the Senate is voting on something that could really impact your freedom to take care of yourself the way you see fit.


By Natural Advocate | December 24, 2011 - 6:48 pm - Posted in Here Nor There

I wanted to take this time to wish each and every HerbalNews reader a Merry Christmas. Regardless of what you celebrate, this is a season for giving.

I particularly enjoy giving presents to my family now that I’m older, and I really enjoy also giving what I can to support those in need who really can’t have as nice a holiday as some of the more fortunate.

I try to remember that this should be a way of life for all of use year-round and work every year to give what I can to charities in need. Let’s make this a great holiday and remember what we’re thankful for.  Yours in health, wellness and everthing natural –


By Natural Advocate | December 22, 2011 - 3:18 pm - Posted in Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

There’s a little known fact about going on antidepressants of the medical variety.  Many times, a doctor must prescribe as many as three different (or more) medications before the patient finds one that doesn’t either make them feel worse or doesn’t work at all.

This is actually fairly common place. So the notion that you go on any antidepressant, then feel better is really not true at all. In fact, some depression medications can send patients into an even deeper depression, and there are actually warning labes on some to that effect.

Some antidepressants may make patients suicidal, this is why antidepressants are so closely monitored by a physician, so they can make sure the patient is not going down a path of being worse off and contemplating suicide from being on the medication. This surely would defeat the entire purpose.

Antidepressants are still one of the most largely prescribed medications here in the US. This leaves no doubt that depression is one of the biggest mental health issues facing us today.  Depression robs us of our enjoyment of life, and this is the very reason we were put on this earth – to help our fellow man and to enjoy life.

It is estimated that up to one fifth of patients on some antidepressants may actually feel worse after taking the medication than they did before they got on it, making monitoring by mental health professionals even more important.

The reason antidepressants can be so tricky to figure out is that they all work on various mechanisms within the human brain, and different chemicals released in order to lift the mood and encourage good thoughts as opposed to bad.

Some may be SSRI’s, which work on seratonin levels, which are responsible for the feelings of joy and happiness, while some work on other “feel good” chemicals or find a segway to make our bodies produce more of them on their own.

There are natural treatments for depression, however, those with major clinical depression usually need professional help and may need more serious medications if they are suffering from clinical depression.

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