January 2012
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Best Natural Antidepressants Part I

When it comes to fighting depression, there are really a lot of medications out there vying for our attention. However, most of the pharmaceutical options that are on the table come with quite staggering side effects.  Also, they can often lead to a lifetime of prescribed medication taking since they are difficult to ween [...]

Children’s Immunity Impacted by PFC’s?

First off, let’s talk about what PFC’s are. They are chemicals that are used to make non stick pans more slick so that food does not stick to them. They are used in a variety of other consumer products as well where they have a lot of close human contact, such as stain resistant [...]

Would You Quit Smoking After Finding Out You Are Ill?

I read the most fascinating article about people who are diagnosed with a disease that is clearly related to smoking such as COPD, lung cancer, Emphysema and other commonly related diseases.  You would think people would quit the habit after finding out they ar diagnosed with one of the top causes of death, but [...]

3 Top Tier Causes of Death Related to Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes, cigars and other things you inhale hot smoke into your lungs with are dangerous to your health. That has definitely been more than established by the medical community.  As if to drive the point home even further, the Center for Disease Control has released their top death causes list.


How to Avoid Spreading, and Picking Up Cold and Flu Germs

The changing weather starting in the fall and going into winter means an increase in the incidence of colds and flu for all of us.  If you have young children, you are even more exposed to cold and flu germs on a regular basis.

Certain measures can be taken to decrease the occurrence of [...]