By Natural Advocate | February 20, 2012 - 5:52 am - Posted in Cognitive and Focus

Cancer drugs are toxic. Most of them are anyway. That much everyone in the alternative health arena knows already.  But can one particular cancer drug help to treat and even reverse the dreaded memory loss disease alzheimers?  If it could, this would potentially be a boon to those who have faced the heartache and utter devastation that this personality and life-robbing disease causes to families and individuals.

So far only mice have been tested and shown the improvement in a key protein in the brain within mere hours after the drug was administered.  Mice are often used to test drugs before human trials are done because many of their key organs and systems are similar to the structure of a human’s believe it or not.

The cancer drug works to reduce a protein that is found in over abundance in the brain of alzheimers patients called amyloid beta.  The protein forms a sort of brain plaque, and although the exact reason for alzheimers still isn’t totally understood by modern science (hard to believe, I know), it is thought that this excess protein and plaque buildup is the reason behind the progression of alzheimers and the ensuing memory loss.

Scientists are not thinking so far that the drug could be used in advanced patients with an expectation of vast improvement. However, they may be able to successfully treat or slow down the progression in patients who have been diagnosed fairly recently – which is definitely better than the options that are out there today for alzheimers patients.

The drug tests on Bexarotene, which is the name of the cancer drug being tested as a memory improvement drug, are definitely encouraging, but scientists want to make sure they understand what the actual reason behind alzheimers is before they get too excited.

Memory loss and decline of cognitive function and focus is a major concern for the aging population.  There are actually some great herbal supplements for memory and concentration and also for ADD and ADHD and focus issues as well that can enhance your cognition and make you a better conditioned thinker and problems solver.

They can really help stimulate blood flow the crucial areas of the brain that most need oxygen and circulation in order to function well.  It’s worth a look in to if you feel like you might be experiencing “senior moments” more or need to get a kickstart for focus and improved ability to concentrate.

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