March 2012
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Bummer! FDA Says BPA’s Stay in Packaging

I told you about an effort to take the fight to ban BPA’s, or bisphenol A, a toxic chemical that alters hormones because it acts like estrogen in the male and female body, and is linked to several types of cancer, to Capitol Hill, about a week ago.

Well, the fight has been lost [...]

Caffeine Laced Alcohol Interferes with Sleep Big Time

So my husband and I went out with some friends on St. Patrick’s day.  Of course, as is custom, we did enjoy some alcoholic beverages.  Unfortunately, one of them was a really good, smooth drink in the form of a shot that contained a concentrated amount of not only liquor, but caffeine.  See some [...]

Bananas Good For Belly, Blood Sugar, Mood

Bananas are one of the most popular snack fruits because of their incredible convenience and readiness, but they also have a bevy of health benefits that you may not even know about. They come in their own “package” (peel), they’re easy to throw in the car or in a lunch bag, and they stay [...]

Great News – FDA to Announce Decision on Banning BPA’s

In some really great news and hopefully a big victory for consumers and health conscious people everywhere, the FDA is currently mulling whether to make BPA’s, or Bisphenol A’s, a chemical used in plastics and many containers (even metal ones) as a lining.

It is toxic to the human system and it actually alters [...]

Cocoa Butter’s Chocolatey Smell, Skin Health Benefits

So I’ve been tanning to get my dose of vitamin D in a specially designed UVB tanning bed that my husband and I purchased. I have to admit, it’s nice to also lay back in this bed and pretend it’s summer time, and with the long winters here, we really need to feel like [...]