April 2012
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Avoiding Artificial Sweetener Nearly Impossible?



In this day and age, artificial sweeteners are used in so many foods, gums, drinks and candies that it’s hard to know if you’re eating real sugar or some sort of sugar alcohol or aspartame.  Artificial sweeteners are even used in gums that are not “sugar free”. They are also used [...]

People with Depression Often Also Get Incomplete Sleep

A new link has been found between people who report feeling depressed often, with feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, and sleep disorders that tend to manifest in incomplete sleep cycle and sleep that is simply not restorative enough for optimal brain and emotional function.

This really isn’t surprising if you know a little about [...]

Passionflower : My Verdict and Experience

Ok, so I told you a few weeks ago about how I had purchased a tincture, which is an alcohol solution of an herb or active extract, of the anxiety and stress reducing herb passion flower.  Passion flower is known, among other herbs for depression and anxiety, for producing a mild feeling of well [...]

Uses of Goldenseal

There was a time when I knew quite a bit about the herb called the “yellow root” goldenseal. It had quite a reputation after all in my alma mater college town, home of Kent State University. It attended school there for a few years. Never graduated from there though. I was too busy partying [...]

Massage Therapy : Good for the Soul

I just got back from my massage. It’s been a while, and my muscles were pretty tense. I also tend to use these sessions as sort of a meditation of sorts for myself. They are the only time when I feel OK about not doing much of anythng productive. It’s kind of a woman [...]