May 2012
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Z-Pac and Sudden Cardiac Death : What You Need to Know

The super antibiotic Z-Pac, which is the brand name for the strong antibiotic azithromycin, is a five day course of antibiotics which is one of the most often prescribed for infections and other things that can be responsive to antibiotic treatment.  The antibiotics of yesteryear are basically not strong enough for the new strains [...]

Memorial Day : In Memoriam

Today is Memorial Day. I wanted to take a moment to remember two men in my life that were involved in various wars who are no longer with us. True, they were not killed in the wars they participated in, but they were both carrying the scars that often come with war and would [...]

Vitamin D May Help You Avoid Almost Any Type of Cancer

Vitamin D has emerged as a major player in the battle to prevent cancers from forming in the first place. This included several types of cancer, almost all of which affect both men and women. Why would a vitamin play such a pivotal role in the potential to prevent so many types of cancers?


Death of MCA of Beastie Boys

I really wanted to write about the death of a muscial genius, in my opinion, and to reflect on what a devastating loss it was not only to the rap/rock phenom who has lasted over decades of my life and influenced not only the music I listen to but that millions of other Generation [...]

Unprecedented Allergies Here in NE Ohio

We’re having quite the struggle with allergy season here in Northeast Ohio. This is the typical time of year when pollen, mold and other typical allergens are in the air in full force anyway, but what makes it worse is the mild weather we had all winter long.

I celebrate that mild weather, trust [...]