By Natural Advocate | May 9, 2012 - 9:13 am - Posted in Cognitive and Focus

I’ve recently had a problem with focusing on my work. I’m not sure if it’s just the fact that I feel totally overwhelmed by everything lately, or that I’ve lost interest, or that it’s spring fever getting to me – or a little bit of all of it.

I think we all, no matter how creative or driven we happen to be as individuals, hit a wall at times when we can’t seem to focus on our goals or our outside endeavors from work or even our career.  It’s tough because you almost feel like you may have lost it permanently at times, and that can be very scary. It’s like losing your passion for something.

But you know what? That’s usually not the case. You usually find that drive, that passion and that creativity again. You just have to give your mind a break and take it easy on yourself. It’s a writer’s block of sorts, and it’s really just your mind telling you it’s overwhelmed and needs a break for a little while.

If it continues, I take some steps to help get me back on track, and they usually work very well.

The first thing I do is to take a really good supplement for focus and concentration.  This can really kick you in to high gear when it comes to sitting down, putting all the ADD of the past to rest, and getting to work. It helps your mind to relax, and therefore to become more creative, and helps you to forget about all the other million things you need to do because it does promote brain activity that is steady and relaxed, not all over the place.

It allows you to focus on single subjects instead of being “scatter brained” in other words.  The supplement does part of it, but not all. I engage in other activities that promote peace of mind and the ability to focus as well.

One if yoga and intense exercise that rids me of nervous energy. Intensive interval training is really useful for getting all that anxiety out that causes turmoil of the mind.  I can’t tell you what an integral part of my routine to “declutter” my mind and make way for positive, constructive thought exercise is for me.

Another thing I do to increase my focus when I’m struggling with it is to listen to focus CD’s that help to relax the mind and synch the brain so that your thoughts are kept in better harmony. I know it sounds very new-age, but it really does help with your focus and concentration to engage in these activities.

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