By Natural Advocate | May 19, 2012 - 10:53 am - Posted in Medical News

We’re having quite the struggle with allergy season here in Northeast Ohio. This is the typical time of year when pollen, mold and other typical allergens are in the air in full force anyway, but what makes it worse is the mild weather we had all winter long.

I celebrate that mild weather, trust me! Living in a climate where you don’t know how to dress day to day, you learn to really appreciate those mild seasons when you can pretty much figure out what you’re facing, and the weather report is usually right.

However, what allergy specialists are saying is that people are experiencing a lot more allergies, and in particular asthma (I’ve been having attacks, and I rarely get them any more for example) this season than they normally do because of the unseasonably warm winter we had.

The theory is that the pollen and all the other allergens that typically are “frozen” into submission in the deep, dark winter time, never really went away fully because it was never at a low enough temperature. I mean, our lake – Lake Erie – didn’t even freeze over this winter! Our lawns never died either.

So you know that a lot of the other organisms out there floating around that get in our lungs, ears, nose and throat were just waiting to come back out in to the air. Not only do you have the stuff that comes out with the new season every year after lying dormant, but you also have the old leftover stuff that never died, making it a double whammy for those that suffer from asthma and allergies, or any other allergic reactions or conditions that are triggered by airborne organisms.

I’ve noticed that I actually have to reach for my inhaler for my asthma, which I normally don’t like to do. However, they were emergency situations where I really didn’t feel I could just use my natural ways of getting rid of it. I hate using the inhaler because I feel like it’s really not good for my heart or my lungs.

There is a lot of evidence that what you eat can impact what you are allergic to.  Some people say that, for example, eating a lot of sugar or caffeine can actually increase your allergies.  Also complete avoidance of substances can trigger allergies, as well as repeated exposure to something that builds in tissues and creates  a sort of toxic buildup.

I know it can be confusing to think of all the things you need to do in order to keep allergies to a minimum. What you need to do is identify the things that trigger them for your personally and try to minimize them in your life. You will come to know the triggers as you realize what makes you sneeze, cough, your eyes water, or your throat to become dry or irritated (these are some of the most common symptoms of allergies as reported by sufferers).

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