By Natural Advocate | May 27, 2012 - 8:42 pm - Posted in Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin D has emerged as a major player in the battle to prevent cancers from forming in the first place. This included several types of cancer, almost all of which affect both men and women. Why would a vitamin play such a pivotal role in the potential to prevent so many types of cancers?

Well, vitamin D has some powerful effects on both the immune system, which helps fight against cell death and cell mutation, and it also has some powerful anti-mutation effects on the cells themselves by affecting receptors in cells that protect the integrity of them.

Several studies have shown that risks of breast, colon and rectal cancers falls greatly when the blood levels of vitamin D reach 40 nanograms.  You would cringe to know how little of the population has failed to achieve these blood levels.

This is due to low RDA allowances from the fed recommendations.  They recommend too little of the vitamin to even make a dent in your ability to fight off cancerous growths.  They further act like these higher vitamin D levels can be dangerous while there is little proof of that.

There is actually more proof to the contrary, that higher vitamin D levels protect against cancer and boost immunity, both of which happen to go hand in hand.

Vitamin D levels have also been associated with a greater likelihood of survival after cancer has been diagnosed, and staying cancer free afterwards.  The funny part is that you are advised to avoid the sun like the plague, but this is your best and most effective form of vitamin D.

Sunlight exposure, particularly of the UVB spectrum, is what makes your skin make the vitamin, and this is the most precious form of this vitamin you can have because your body uses it more effectively than any capsulated form of the vitamin.

However, many experts still advise you get your capsules as well, preferably in a fatty suspension as it will absorb better this way, and preferably in the higher IU’s since your body is not as ready to absorb it in this form.  Vitamin D also absorbs better with calcium, and vice versa, so the two are often recommended as tandem supplements – especially for women.

The oxymoron is that excessive UVA/UVB exposure can also be a contributing factor to skin cancer, the most deadly form being melanoma.  However, if you monitor your sun exposure and most important NEVER burn yourself, sun is actually a very therapeutic and 100% necessity to the human body.


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