June 2012
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A New Reason to Eat Your Apple-a-Day

There may be yet another reason to start or keep on eating that apple a day. You’ve undoubtedly heard talk about how wonderful apples are with their high fiber content and low calorie count. They are the ideal snack that goes with lunch or works on its own as a filling mid day snack [...]

Environmental Working Group (EWG) Needs Your Help

I subscribe to, and believe it is very valuable for consumers like you and me who are concerned about the foods we eat, the products we put on our bodies, and our environment, the EWG newsletter. EWG stands for Environmental Working Group. They are a nonprofit organization that lobbies for people like us who [...]

Droughts Making Cattle-Grazing Grass Deadly?

In a story that has been sounding alarm bells allover the news, 15 cows have died on a ranch in Austin Texas after grazing on the grass in the field as they usually do.  Apparently the cattle were dead within hours of grazing in the area they were in on the ranch, and only [...]

Might Breast Milk Have HIV Antibodies?

I read the most interesting piece yesterday about how researchers are thinking that a mother’s breast milk may actually contain a piece of the puzzle when it comes to finding out how to successfully kill or halt the virus that causes AIDS, HIV, to stop spreading.

While it is known that there are cases [...]

The Importance of Vitamins in Health and Longevity

Vitamins are a vital source of strength and vitality (as well as disease prevention) for our bodies, and a crucial part of any diet. While it’s widely accepted that we should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to maintain healthy intakes, there’s a growing demand for supplements to boost the vitamin consumption.

If you’ve [...]