Here is an interesting press release I received about how the closure of a world class testing lab in Canada may actually have the opposite effect it is supposed to. That is, it may actually compromise the quality of health and supplement products that customers receive because now it will likely be easier to pass off bad products in this natural realm.

I’m not quite understanding why this happened, but go ahead and read on – it’s definitely an interesting read, and shows what is wrong with most bureaucracies in the world – including Canada, which so many people consider much more liberated than the US.  Not always so!

(Calgary) – Life Choice CEO Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND, and Constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley both believe that Ottawa’s closing of a world class testing lab has led to inferior natural health food products to enter the Canadian market.

Buckley, a constitutional lawyer who represents the Natural Health Products Industry, believes that the closure has resulted in many company’s falsifying their paperwork, thus, making their inferior products look high quality, therapeutic and safe.

According to Buckley “…it is ironic, that the Federal government would close down a world class testing lab, and then impose more regulations to make it look as if they are making the industry safer. Yet, without testing, how do you know that the product is really safe? how do you know that the ingredients on the label match the contents of the bottle? You don’t.”

Dahl, a naturopath physician and CEO of Life Choice, with over 26 years in the Natural Health Industry agrees with Buckley. He believes that the Natural Health Products Industry along with the Federal government should have an open and honest discussion about product quality.

Dahl also agrees with Buckley, in the sense that the closing of the testing facility has resulted in the licensing of many natural health products that in the end, possess no therapeutic value for consumers.

To provide insight and to help explain the difference between the high and the low end brands, Dr. Dahl refers to three keys areas: the types of raw materials used; the processing method implemented; the complimentary features of the formulations.

According to Dr. Dahl, “the high end brands use only quality natural raw materials consisting of plant based nutrients of the highest purity. These raw materials are then processed using a method called fermentation. The result is a formulation, in which all the ingredients complement each other, providing maximum therapeutic value… with low end brands, you really do not know what you are getting.

Some low end brands have been known to contain raw materials of sewage, horse hair, animal hair and duck feathers. Some use an inferior processing method known as extraction. Others create formulations which are non complimentary meaning that they have no therapeutic value.”

For more information/interview

James Woewoda, publicist

Woewoda Communications

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I used to think popcorn was just a light, filling and fiber-rich snack that helped fill the belly between lunch and dinner and was a staple of office workers everywhere. Yes, our office has at least five seriously burnt bags of popcorn clear out the office per year.

But then I started to find out that there are studies showing that popcorn is actually high in antioxidant value. I was actually shocked because let’s face it, it tastes great as a snack, but it doesn’t exactly lend itself to high antioxidant value. It’s not brightly colored, it’s not filled with pulp, and it’s not a fruit.

However, new research is suggesting that popcorn may have just as much antioxidant value as various high antioxidant fruits like berries and some citrus fruits – all in that little tiny part in the middle we don’t give much thought to – the hull.

The hull of each piece of popcorn contains an estimated 90% of the piece of popcorn’s total antioxidants!  I find this confounding since popcorn is really nothing more than dried kernels of normal corn. Corn, which doesn’t really have a lot of antioxidants on its own, but yet seems to somehow develop them during the corn drying process (don’t ask me how).

Researchers actually looked at a couple different brands of popcorn to do their research and found that microwave brands contain almost as much as the non microwaved, oven top cooked stuff.  Also, it’s important to note that organic popcorn probably contains more antioxidants than the non-organic variety.

Organic produce almost always yields more nutrients because the fruit or veggie is not irradiated, a process where the produce is radiated in order to preserve it longer which is thought to deplete it of precious nutrients. After all, isn’t that why we eat our fruits and veggies!?

Who would have thought that the bland taste and light fluffy piece of popcorn would have nutritional value!?  At least to this degree!  Remember though, drowning them in saturated fat-filled butter and salt won’t help your case – it pretty much negates the whole healthy thing.


By Natural Advocate | July 27, 2012 - 9:08 am - Posted in Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

A couple of things I’ve observed lately have caused me to write this brief opinion piece about grudges and why I think (actually I know) they are unhealthy and really nothing but destructive to one’s life ultimately.

A grudge is something that you hold against another person or maybe even a group of people when you’ve perceived that they have some how done you wrong, taken advantage of you, or put you at some sort of disadvantage in life. It essentially takes an incident or a perceived wrong doing and forces you to relive it over and over again, making you relive the feelings of inferiority, fear, anxiety or whatever it made you feel the first time it happened.

These feelings take your sense of power away, and they only make you feel anxious every time you think of them, or closed up inside.  They usually result in feelings of hate or anger, which have shown to cause elevated levels of cortisol and other hormones in the body that are nothing but destructive and totally counterproductive.

Grudges leach your energy to do new, better and creative things with your life. They put you on the repeat cycle and get you stuck in a rut because they rob you of time and energy and direct it to negative thoughts and feelings, which are self perpetuating.

I’ve been there, and that is what grudges have done to me so I’m speaking from experience. I’ve learned to let them go and move on as quickly as possible. I may sever a relationship if I feel really strongly about them, or I may just choose to ignore the incident in question and move forward, but minimize contact with the “perpetrator” if they have proven to be a repeat offender in hurting my feelings or being a bad influence in my life.

I’ve found letting go of grudges to be incredibly freeing.  I really do believe that negative thoughts only produce more negative thoughts, so I’m a big believer it keeping it positive and preserving energy for more important things.  Trust me, you’ll feel better!

I remember the many years ago when I had frequent bouts of urinary tract infections when I was a young girl. I’m not sure why, but I tended to get them as a child, but as an adult I’ve never had one. Perhaps it is because I incessantly drink water all day long, sipping on it constantly. I’m a naturally thirsty person!

Sure, I do urinate a lot, but I find that if I go any period of time without water, I just feel dehydrated very easily.  This is beneficial to the urinary tract because it keeps the urine less concentrated and constantly flushes it out so that the likelihood of bacteria growing is less.

That’s what a urinary tract infection is caused by, by the way – bacteria colonizing and attaching to the walls of the urinary tract, causing painful urination. Sometimes the pain can be so great that one doesn’t even want to go to the bathroom and they hold it, which just makes the infection worse.

We’ve all heard of the remedy for these painful infections – cranberry juice.  I remember my mother making me consumer a lot of cranberry juice to get rid of these infections and it really did seem to clear it up within a day or so. There was never really conclusive proof as to why or how it would have worked, but people just kept using this home remedy for decades.

Now apparently there is proof that drinking real, pure cranberry juice really does help to clear this type of infection up.  In fact, people who do drink cranberry juice often tend to hardly ever get these urinary tract infections. We are talking mostly women here since women are more susceptible to them than men are.

Women with a history of chronic UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) actually saw almost a 50% improvement in their condition and less occurrences of these infections when they regularly take in cranberry juice. In fact, there are also other juices that may have a similar preventive effect on UTI’s.

Cranberry tablets apparently have a similar effect as the whole juice does, although some find the actual juice from the berry is more effective. Of course, in tablet or capsule form it is more convenient and can be taken at any time.

I am all for everyone having the same access to what should be a birthright and has become more like a privilege here in the US : healthcare.  However, I really don’t agree with the part of Obama’s healthcare reform law that requires people to either submit to buying health care plans or be forced to pay penalties (now called taxes) if they do not.

I especially find the idea that the new healthcare law seems to only further the monopolistic intent of pharmaceutical companies on America. Aren’t we already drugged up enough? Even with all the drug there are now, Americans are still in the worst health they’ve ever been, which to me says that the drugs are being used as a crutch for bad lifestyle habits.

There are a lot of people crying foul over the healthcare law, especially the mandated part.  They are crying foul because not only does it force you to buy insurance that you may not be able to afford or may not need or want, but it also excludes natural and holistic medicine.

This is the part that I find a huge problem with. How can you tell people that you don’t believe that their method of maintaining their health is not right?  That’s basically what is being said here, that holistic, alternative and even complimentary medicine is not effective or not believed to be effective and the government will not subsidize it.

To me, this is a huge slap in the face to people who choose not to treat themselves according to western medicine ways.  My hunch is that if people scream loud enough (that is, if Obama makes it to a second term of presidency after this mess), there may be amendments down the line to this mandate to include alternative medicine in at least some capacity.

But I wouldn’t count on that happening any time soon.  Western medicine still has quite a grip on the general population, as well as politicians who are heavily lobbied by those interested in keeping Western medicine the main way of treating illness. 

If you disagree with this exclusion of alternative medicine, I’d encourage you to write your Congress men or women and express your concerns and views.  In this world of increasing diversity awareness, it just seems unfair that this bill would be so one sided as to how people can treat themselves and take care of their health needs.


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