July 2012
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Canada Closes Lab : Inadvertently Compromises Supplement Quality

Here is an interesting press release I received about how the closure of a world class testing lab in Canada may actually have the opposite effect it is supposed to. That is, it may actually compromise the quality of health and supplement products that customers receive because now it will likely be easier to [...]

Popcorn : Nutritional Antioxidant-Packed Snack? Seems so…

I used to think popcorn was just a light, filling and fiber-rich snack that helped fill the belly between lunch and dinner and was a staple of office workers everywhere. Yes, our office has at least five seriously burnt bags of popcorn clear out the office per year.

But then I started to find [...]

Let Go of Grudges – It’s Healthy

A couple of things I’ve observed lately have caused me to write this brief opinion piece about grudges and why I think (actually I know) they are unhealthy and really nothing but destructive to one’s life ultimately.

A grudge is something that you hold against another person or maybe even a group of people [...]

Cranberry Remedy for Urinary Tract Infections : Fact or Myth?

I remember the many years ago when I had frequent bouts of urinary tract infections when I was a young girl. I’m not sure why, but I tended to get them as a child, but as an adult I’ve never had one. Perhaps it is because I incessantly drink water all day long, sipping [...]

Major Problem: Healthcare “Reform” Excludes Natural Medicine

I am all for everyone having the same access to what should be a birthright and has become more like a privilege here in the US : healthcare.  However, I really don’t agree with the part of Obama’s healthcare reform law that requires people to either submit to buying health care plans or be [...]