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There may be yet another reason to start or keep on eating that apple a day. You’ve undoubtedly heard talk about how wonderful apples are with their high fiber content and low calorie count. They are the ideal snack that goes with lunch or works on its own as a filling mid day snack too.

Apples contain tons of a fiber called pectin which helps to keep you regular. It is also incredibly filling for a food that has such a small calorie count, clocking in around 60-80 calories depending on the size of the apple.

New evidence suggests that there is another potentially huge health benefits in apples that you may want to exploit in order to keep your waistline trim and slim. There is a compound in the peel of the apple called ursolic acid (I’ve never heard of this acid before – not to be confused with uric acid).

Urolic acid was testes in groups of mice. The mice in the study were all fed high fat diets for several weeks. The grouup of mice that was given this urolic acid as well as the high fat diet showed a couple of interesting things worth noting.

First, the mice that had the acid added to their diet tended to show more muscle development than their non-urolic acid counterparts. Muscle is important in burning fat, and lots of muscle also helps us look much slimmer and trimmer.

Not only did this group of mice demonstrate higher amounts of muscle mass, they also displayed higher amounts of brown fat. Brown fat is the type that actually helps burn calories faster and metabolizes the “bad fat” more efficiently.

The school of thought on brown versus white fat is that those with higher amounts of brown fat are traditionally thinner people than those without as much of this type of “good fat” on their body.

That’s not even where the good news ends about this ursolic acid compound. The mice that were fed this compound over the weeks of the study also exhibited less likelihood to gain weight. They therefore also exhibited a lower incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure and other health woes typically associated with excessive weight mass.

I looked this urolic acid up to see if ACV, or Apple Cider Vinegar, contained the acid and indeed it does. This means that taking your daily dose of ACV may indeed help you with your health and weight maintenance goals. More to come on this as more is discovered.

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