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Well, it’s offical. Pesticides are not only the big-bad when it comes to links to cancer and neurological disorders, but they are also now linked to learning disabilities since studies have confirmed as statistical link between the most neurotoxicological pesticides and ADHD.

Attention Hyperactivity Disorder has been on the rise in children, and one of the thoughts was that the chemicals children are exposed to in the food supply nowadays may have something to do with it.

What parents often do is put their kids on dangerous ADHD drugs when really diet modification and perhaps an all organic diet can do the trick. There are also some excellent herbal remedies for ADD and ADHD for children and adults these days that can help work wonders.

ADD drugs have been compared to street drugs because they are so strong. This is usually not necessary to successfully treat this disorder, and yet these drugs are prescribed at alarming rates to both children and adults who have been diagnosed with the disease.

Research recently conducted in Canada confirmed what researchers have long suspected. It showed that children who exhibited symptoms of ADD and ADHD had much higher levels of certain types of pesticides in their urine.

These pesticides are often avoided when an all organic diet is chosen, and when fruits and veggies are purchased completely organic.  Children are especially susceptible to toxicity when it comes to pesticide exposure since their tiny bodies are not yet able to process and rid themselves of toxins.

Studies have shown that urine levels of these dangerous pesticides can drop as drastically as 90-95% when children (or adults) go on an all organic diet.  However, it’s also important to avoid treating your yard with dangerous pesticides and herbicides if you truly intend to go all natural and prevent your child’s toxicity.

Herbicides are used to keep things like crab grass and dandelions from growing in your yard, but many of these are also incredibly toxic to the wildlife, pets, you and your family that walks on the lawn or otherwise touches your lawn.

Is it really worth it?  Ask yourself that when you go to use a regular herbicide on your yard or go to get your yard treated with weed killing substances. 


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