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If there is one thing I’ve learned after years of suffering from car accident-inflicted back, shoulder and neck pain, it’s that I definitely need a great mattress at night and proper spinal alignment when I’m sitting or in bed at night, to maintain a level of comfort and ideally, totally prevent the pain from setting in.

Back injuries and back pain are one of the most common complaints when it comes to chronic, every day pain. Joint pain is a close second, but many of us thankfully are spared from joint pain and joint health problems until we are in our later years. Both back pain which starts in the muscle tissue and joint pain are no picnic though.

I’ve found one of the best ways to make sure I’m aligned at night and wake up feeling like I’m not going to break in half is to put a pillow under my knees if I’m laying on my back, and to also have a body length pillow if I’m sleeping on my side. The body length pillow is very helpful for sleeping on the side.

This is because a body pillow aligns your spine when you put it between your legs. It brings the knees in alignment with one another, and doesn’t making it so you’re knocking knees and throwing your spine out of alignment. Oh, it’s also great for us ladies to prevent that pesky wrinkle between your breasts that appears in the morning when you’ve been laying on your side all night (which by the way an turn into a permanent wrinkle).

You just have to make sure you put the pillow up there between them and you’ll find that line never appears in the morning from the compression. Trust me, I do it, and the wrinkle is no longer there, and hopefully will never become a permanent fixture on my body.

There are also special pillows sold, which I own, that actually mold to your body. When you lay on them, they kind of contour around your neck and head and support it with just the right amount of pressure. It’s the memory foam ones. They’re about thirty bucks a pop, but they last a long time and they really do support your head and neck like nothing else I’ve ever tried. 

You can even flip them onto a larger ridge for when you are laying on your back and need a more severe “bump” to lay on, and a less severe ridge for when you are sleeping on your side.  These are ways that you can help prevent that nagging, throbbing back and neck pain that seem to come when you aren’t sleeping in the right positions. So at least you can start your day out right!

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